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What are You Going to do Different?

i won't trade over i pokemon to help me beat the elite 4 and i won't use legendary's.
I will also keep all my pokemon at their first form and not use my starter


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I'm going to SR a number of times until I get a shiny starter. Either turtwig or chimchar. I still have a couple weeks to decide. Here's to hoping Ill get before the 2000th try. I think that'll be my limit.
I'm going to SR until I get an Azelf with a good nature and good IVs.


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ima use piplup for new starter, and not trade over a bunch of pokemon.
I'll actually defeat the frontier! i gave up in emerald...


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Well I'm gonna start with Turtwig and trade over a Chimchar and Aipom egg.
Then get Togepi, Yanma and Eevee.

I'll finish the Dex (Caught) as I play through. (Gotta SR for Female Eevee and Pory) Will trade over some more Toge and Riolu along with 2 stunky, 2 glameow, 2 murkrow, 2 misdreavus and 3 piplup.
I will beat the frontier unlike emerald.
I'll overtrain like I am in Ruby and LG and not have 55s for the E$ I'll have 57-60s

My team will be
Infernape (Phys)
Espeon (Spec)
Yamega (Spec)
Torterra (Phys)
Togekiss (Spec)
Ambipom (Phys)
Yay for balance!
But I have to wait til May :(
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I will take my slow sweet time capture all the pokemon I can. And beat the battle frontier unlike emerald since I was too lazy and refrain from uaing legendaries only for desperate measures.
My team will be
Milotic or Floatzel
Well in previous games I used chimchar as the starter but this time i am gonna choose piplup. I dont like it but still I wanna test a empoleon.


Platinum Ahead
I'll start with Piplup and not cheat to beat the Elite 4.


Platinum Ahead
I'll start with Piplup and not cheat to beat the Elite 4.


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I think this time I'll simply won't use my starter. Ill try to form new combinations for in-game teams.


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I think this time I'll simply won't use my starter. Ill try to form new combinations for in-game teams.


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1) First off will be my starter. In Pearl, I chose Piplup. When I get Platinum, I'll get Turtwig. It reminds me of Squirtle...

2) I will catch different Pokemon. Besides Turtwig, I think I'll try to catch a Starly, an Elekid, a Magby, a Buizel, and a Riolu. I'll also try to make them focus on their strengths.

3) I'll also try to breed more in Platinum. I mostly do my breeding in Emerald.

4) I'll try to trade between both Pearl and Platinum.

Sir Devious

Sir Devious
I'm going to start with Chimchar as my starter this time around.
My rival's new name will be Harrison.
I want to get shiny Dialga/Palkia/Giratina... but I'm willing to sacrifice the time needed.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head.


i will get a chimchar instead of a piplup i will ev train my best to beat the battle frontier and my rivals name will be moron also i will get over my hatred of bidof and get 1 to lv 100 X-[ i will also see if i can nickname all of my pokemon....okay well some of them
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I'll play the game with a good nature Chimcar. Ev train as I go along and SR for good legends. I'll also try to creat a team of dynamic coolness as well. =p.

IN my diamond I went through the game with Empoleon, Snorlax, Lucario, Alakazam, Staraptor and Luxray. I won't use any of them this time around. =/ Except Lucario. Swap with a good nature one from my game.

I guess my first playthrough will be for the general gist of enjoying the new game. The next will be to do it all. Who knows.
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0. i'm going to choose chimcar instead of piplup
1. i'm going to get all the soft resettable shiny's no matter how long it takes
2. i'm going to create a top team of each type eg. a team of fire etc.
3. i'm going to EV train all of my main pokemon
4. i'm going to get good natures
5. i'm going to try and win contests
6. i'm not going to transfer pokemon
7. i'm not going to use rare candies
8. i'm not going to use legendaries to fight the elite 4
9. i'm not going to use any cheats



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I'm going to be using piplup this time around. Im also going to train different pokemon and play through this game slowly and do everything there is to do.


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1) First time I played Diamond I used Turtwig, second time I used Piplup, so this time I think I'll be going with Chimchar.

2)I'll try to have a whole different team. Well, for completing the game that is, after beating the Elite Four, I'll trade all my Diamond pokemons over.