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What Are You Listening To - Just Add Water!


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Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5 ft Christina Aguilera
Dammit, I'm on grooveshark because I don't have this on iTunes and my mom wants me to be "money-friendly".
Passenger - Deftones
Album: White Pony


Let's Get Down - Tony Toni Tone Feat. DJ Quik


Kinda reminiscing
The Killers - Day and Age (album)
Spaceman (song)
This may sound silly but one of the reasons I love this song is that when I'm playing FIFA and listening to it I always score. Always. Without fail.
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burning it down
(You Drive Me) Crazy - Britney Spears
...Baby One More Time (1999)


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I am being nostalgic while listening to Britney Spears - Ups I did it again
Singing as loud as I can.


Secret and Whisper - Warrior (Southern Arrowwood)

Didn't like the album the first few times so I'm giving it a few more playthroughs to see if I can get used to it. It's a shame since I loved their first album immediately...This song is good, though.

Ichirin no Hana - High and Mighty Color

Good song.


" 'Mambo de Chocobo - original-' From Final Fantasy V" by Nobuo Uematsu
Dissidia Final Fantasy original Soundtrack


King of the bastards
Skillet- Awake and Alive *Not a christian, just a good song a friend showed me*
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burning it down
OSCAR - Girls' Generation
The Boys (2011)