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What Are You Listening To - Just Add Water!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Polls' started by Profesco, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. AuroriumX

    AuroriumX The Interceptor

    The Glitch Mob - Fly By Night Only (feat. Yaarrohs)
    Love Death Immortality (2014)
  2. Airi-Chan

    Airi-Chan Falling Roses

    IA - Summertime Record (2013)

    People In The Box - Seijatachi (2014)

    IA - Outer Science (2013)

    Jin feat.LiSA - Headphone Actor (2014)
  3. No More Angels - Soilwork
    Natural Born Chaos (2002)
  4. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Pendulum - The Island
    Immersion (2010)
  5. Syrus

    Syrus Praise the Sun!

    The King of Sadness - Dynasty Warriors 8 OST.

    I LOVE this remix from 5 as I'm a hardcore 5 fan obviously. The hard rock in this instrumental just WORKS with whatever battle I write or take part in. So powerful and full of energy!
  6. Two Minds, One Soul - Sonata Arctica
    Reckoning Night (2004)
  7. junkieloser

    junkieloser legalize self abuse.

    against me! - unsubstantiated rumours...
    as the eternal cowboy
  8. John Madden

    John Madden resident policy guy

    Slow - Twin Shadow
    Forget (2011)
  9. OshyHikari

    OshyHikari c l a r i t y

    Banks - Beggin For Thread
    Goddess (2014)
  10. Gekisou Gungnir - Aoi Yuuki
  11. AuroriumX

    AuroriumX The Interceptor

    Rise Against - Long Forgotten Sons
    Appeal To Reason (2008)
  12. Nuclear Attack - Sabaton
    Attero Dominatus (2006)
  13. AuroriumX

    AuroriumX The Interceptor

    Alestorm - 1741 (The Battle of Cartagena)
    Sunset On The Golden Age (2014)
  14. Skylander Sylveon

    Skylander Sylveon Top Coordinator

    Jónsi - Where No One Goes
    How To Train Your Dragon 2
  15. Ghost Division - Sabaton
    The Art Of War (2008)
  16. Airi-Chan

    Airi-Chan Falling Roses

    Jin feat. Nanou - Konoha no Sekai Jijou (2014)

    IA - Outer Science (2013)
  17. AuroriumX

    AuroriumX The Interceptor

    Neil Finn - Song Of The Lonely Mountain
    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey OST (2012)
  18. The Carolean's Prayer - Sabaton
    Carolus Rex (2012)
  19. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Placebo - Taste in Men
    Placebo (2000)
  20. The Night Remains - Whitechapel

    Whitechapel (2012)

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