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What are you nitpicky about?

The volume on my computer must always end in a 5 or 0.


Spiffy ~ ^^"
Sometimes when i walk on footpaths, i do not let myself walk on the "cracks"
Sometimes when i walk on footpaths, i do not let myself walk on the "cracks"

I used to do that because I thought something would happen if I did.


Protect The Smiles!
This is at bowling: All of the balls in the ball return must be sitting in there properly and none can be stuck in the middle or I'll push them to one side and when you pick a ball up I will push the one behind it so it's touching the one in front of it so the former doesn't have to happen.


Trader and Battler
On the way I go to get to school, there are tons of "cracks". So when I ride my bike to school I count in 2s (both tires go over them) all the way there.

Also in my school I count the number of steps I take in between cracks in the floor (normally it's 2 or 3).

I also count the number of stairs as I walk up them.

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
I wouldn't say it's me having an OCD moment, but I can't stand it when my glasses get smudged up. Just because the one lens is pushed back a little further than the other for whatever reason (stupid screws are always getting loose), it easily gets smudged up by my eyelashes, which irritates me. It's why I don't push my glasses higher up, even though Mom's constantly pushing it up for me and my eyelashes smush against the lens >_>. It also irritates me how some people can not seem to care that their glasses aren't clean. My brothers have some of the most smudged-up glasses I've seen, and I don't know why it is they don't seem to notice.


Elebug disaproves
whenever i make a mtg deck,all cards must be in sets of 2 or 4

Fox Lady Kita

Vulpes Vulpes
Let's see here.

#1: I have to wash my hands constantly.
#2: I can't stand it if I'm in a room and everything is not the exact same on both sides.
#3: I cannot leave a digital clock that tells time unless the time it says is even(3:22, 4:00, 1:44, ect.).
#4: The volume on any of my devices has to be on a even number.
#5: I have to correct people when they say odd numbers.
#6: This list has to end on an even number. ;3

There's probably a lot more. But I can't think of them at the moment. x3


Sonic aficionado
Yeeaaahhh...I'd have to agree with a few others and say that I don't like people using the term OCD casually. It's a serious disorder, y'know. My preferred term would be more or less "perfectionist."



-My computer volume always has to be at 3 bars. Unless, of course, something's too loud or too quiet.
-I refuse to eat finger-food at school unless I wash my hands.
-Smudged glasses. Ugh.


Meme Historian
Everything. I have been diagnosed with OCD.

Fox Lady Kita

Vulpes Vulpes
Oh yes! I'm also a huuuge perfectionist. Everything I do has to be absolutely perfect.

And by the way, I have OCD. And.... I have to agree, it is a little offensive with people using the term so loosely. =/


F*cking veteran
I catch/breed only male Pokémon, unless I want a Pokémon like Froslass. I may even spend hours breeding just to get the Pokémon with the 2/3 Perfect IVs I want to be male.


*Insert complaint about misuse of the word/condition OCD here*

I make a habit of having to straighten everything out and have it in order. When I'm at the store, when I see something that is out of place, I'll put it back where it was, despite the fact that I just did someone else's job for them. I also try to get the stuff so it's evenly place and nothing is sticking out.

Fabulous Ampharos

Pokemon Breeder :3
I am OCD in that my stories must always be at least 5,000 words.
Anything less bothers me.