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What are you nitpicky about?

Whenever I'm pausing a commentary or lets play on Youtube I always have to do it at the end of a sentence.


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Wiping screens; when something gets on a screen I wipe it with my thumb but then my thumbprint is there... I have to carry a cleaning wipe thingy to stop going OCD.


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- Volumes have to end in 5 or 0, no other exceptions. If in bars, 3.
- If I'm using a ruler, I make sure everything is align, everything is straight, everything is at the exact measurement. And even the slightest of tilts will make me erase the whole thing and start the whole thing again, because it disturbs me... a lot.
Open doors; I cannot leave doors open, I must close them, no matter what. It's starting to really annoy people now but I can't even deal with them being open, just no.
For me, the common things:

- I can't stand open doors.

- Spelling and grammar mistakes, I always bring them up when noticing them.

- I can't leave things unfinished.

- I always want to stop reading at the end of a chapter when reading a book, ending in the middle of a chapter is not an option to me.

- If I sorted out things in a certain order or system, I need them to stay in that order. For example, I sorted my Pokemon toys in boxes per generation, and I sorted the drawings I make of my girlfriend and me in chronological order, and way more things.

- I always save twice in games.

- For multiple things, I want an even and not an odd number.

- When I think about something I'm curious about, I can't let it go and have to look it up to let it go.

- The last song I listen to on a day HAS TO be a Bon Jovi song, usually either "Bed Of Roses" or "It's My Life".

I won't claim OCD, because I've never been diagnosed with it. Sure, there are moments when I think I might have it, but when I look here in this thread, I see that plenty of my habits are normal.
I'm not sure if this classifies as nit-picky or 'OCD about', but when reading a book, I can't stop reading on a question.

Like, If get to a character asking a question I can't stop there. I don't really like stopping during dialogue as a whole. I prefer to stop at the end of regular descriptive paragraphs.


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Lately i've been more nitpicky about dressing well. It used to be that I would walk around in jeans and a ratty t shirt without a second thought. Now I cringe at my old dressing patterns. I feel very out of place if I am not wearing a tie, button down shirt and slacks.

Also, if two socks are longer than each other by more than 1/10 of an inch, then I do not feel comfortable wearing them.

I also cannot have drinks in the immediate vicinity of my computer. You just never know when there's going to be a spill.


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Washing my hands and holding things gingerly that seem "dirty" to me.


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Me? Well:

~I always check how many hours I get to sleep before bed.
~I always save twice or thrice on games.
~The volume on anything must be even, not odd.
~Can't stand it when my hoodie threads aren't even.
~I always have an even number of songs in my playlist.
~I always clean a smudgey glasses.
~I always wile my linty/dirty 3DS.
~When I drink a can, can't stant a bit of liquid oozing on the circle thing. I sip it out xD

I have more, though its too much to list.
Sometimes when i walk on footpaths, i do not let myself walk on the "cracks"

Me too xD nya~
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I'm pretty nitpicky about grammar. But I try not to annoy people with it. >_>

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Im nitpicky with certain things in food. I cant stand anything with mayo or anything with alot of cheese (doesn't apply to pizza as long as it isn't only cheese pizza)