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What are you nitpicky about?


stop trying to be god ☆
i'm pretty anal with doing things an odd number of times.
so pretty much no matter what i do, i have to do it an odd number of times.

i can do something once, but if i do it again then i have to do it another time. some numbers i don't like, like 5 or sometimes 7, so i have to continually do the some thing over again until i reach 9. also for some reason i don't like double digits so once i go past nine the next acceptable number is 27. i rarely get that far however.

it's a pain, but it's not ocd or anything :/


Laverre Gym Leader
Right now I'm trying to avoid repeating pokemon in the Friend Safari. :/


Active Member
If I'm writing, even if i'm halfway through a page and I make a mistake or it looks too scruffy I have to rewrite the whole page.

When I was at uni and my notes were too scruffy I had to rewrite them all when I got home again.

Celestial Moth

Guardian of the Tree of Time
I got a few things myself. Butthe one thing that stands out the most , is when im doing the dishes.
Everytime i run water over the soapy dish to get rid of the bubbles n stuff, i have to run it over my hands aswell cause i feel that theirs still bubbles on my hands.


I Crush Everything
Washing, huh? That reminds me of another neurosis of mine, the need I have to make very sure all the soap on my shower scrubber is completely washed off of it before I get out of the shower, which I believe wastes a lot of valuable shower time/water, curse me.


Well-Known Member
TV Remote Placement and coasters for my drinks. It will kill me slowly when someone sets a drink down without a coaster... And as for the TV remotes, they have to be side by side in order of more useful to useless. it gets rough when they are stacked haha


Well-Known Member
When I'm walking up or down the stairs I must end walking the stairs with my left foot. I always put my right shoe on before my left. I tie the right laces first. I take the right shoe off first. I always put my right before my left. Idk why but I do.


Well-Known Member
I hate when volume controls are measured in numbers I always have to have to put it on a specific value like on my laptop or phone


Reading this thread and relating to every single one is beginning to make me think I have a problem. :O

My Pokémon team has to consist of: (in X/Y)

  • three stage Pokémon, 2 two stage Pokémon, 2 1 stage Pokémon and a mega-evolver
  • 1 Pokémon from each gen
  • (my movesets) A stab move, a status move, a coverage move, and an HM - one has to be level up, one has to be HM obviously), one has to be TM, one is a wildcard.
  • Pokémon that cover each others weaknesses perfectly
  • Pokémon that I like
  • Pokémon that can be caught in a reasonable time, (although they could be traded)
  • if they have nicknames, they have to be good.
  • Pokémon have to have perfect natures
  • I have to EV train them before I can grind them
  • I can't know the IVs otherwise I'll be dissatisfied.

And more that slipped my mind
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Kalos Champion
When my book is over the edge of my table I have to put it on the same edge. When I'm in bed, I always have to sleep sideways, It drives me crazy when I sleep looking at the ceiling.
I get pretty anal about when I'm going up stairs, I skip every other step, and I have to make sure the final step is the top step.
If it's not, I go back down and correct myself so that I end on the top step. . .
I don't understand why. xD


Sceptile is super!
It's been said before, but OCD is not an adjective.

I'd say I can be somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to writing. If I write the word "pie" and the dot of the i is not a specific distance away, I erase it madly and rewrite it. Then I might notice that the a is not a perfect circle, I fix that. I can get really worked up about those little things.

Also, when I put Pokémon in a box, they need to be in the order that they entered in. Say I have a Combusken in the first space of a box, then, I catch a Skorupi and a Raichu. If I take Cumbusken out of the box, I always leave an empty space for it to return to. For some reason I need to organize by boxes from first capture to most recent capture. But sometimes I organize them by type. Eighteen boxes, one for each type, even if I don't have any Pokémon of that type, it has a box.

I don't have OCD, those are just a couple things i overanalyze.


Let me heal your ⓗ♈ʒ
Symmetrical. In video games, everything HAS TO BE SYMMETRICAL.

But in real life, I have a fear of things being symmetrical. Especially when it's people.

I'm weird

EDIT: Oh, and on my Pokémon Diamond everything has to be named in Finnish. Don't ask why.
I like having certain things (any thing, plastics, books, folders, etc...) be perfectly in the middle, on top of each other, next to each other, ranging from the largest object on the bottom and the smallest object on the top. If nothing is perfectly center, I fix it until it is so. I perfect CDs/DVDs in their respective cases with the words being read left to right. I'll try explaining that better, you know, how they'll have the title written on the disc itself, well I try to get to align perfectly in the middle - the top at the top, the bottom at the bottom. If it is even an inch to the left or to the right, I fix it until it is perfect. I put almost everything I own in alphabetical order, and I fix it ever someone were to mess it up on me.