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What are you nitpicky about?


I always have to make sure that everything in my wardrobe matches. I always put my shoes directly under the top that matches it the best.


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I flip-out over just about anything. Items rearranged in a room where I put them in specific areas, turning locks multiple times, people leaving paper towels on the floor in bathrooms (I pick them up with a paper towel if I find them), etc. I wouldn't call it OCD, but maybe perfectionism. OCD, as has been stated many times, is a spectrum disorder like Autism, but if I was on the spectrum it would be mild.


Door handles.

Seriously, leave a door handle misaligned after exiting my room and I will come fix that shit, even if it's 3 AM and I just got into bed. I may or may not punch you afterwards if you keep doing it, though.


RIP Jared
I just can't take it if things are out of numerical order. It feels so...wrong.

Craig T

Definitely germs and pollution; I hate walking in NYC to go to doctor appointments. I live in NJ but am only 40 minutes away from the health center me and my parents go to.

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Do I have something super-important in my backpack/on me that I don't want to lose? On those days, I have to sit with it inbetween my feet, and keep on checking it inbetween periods to make sure I didn't lose it somehow. I almost never go to my locker (partially due to the fact I live close enough to the school where I've convinced myself it's okay to be in homeroom 30 seconds before the bell rings) and can't even remember my combination, so... yeah. Sadly people will steal anything. Man, if I never had my deck and case of Pokemon cards stolen out of my desk years ago I wouldn't be like this...
Catching Pokemon on the wrong date (when I first got my 3DS I accidentally had the year set to 2012 for a week. Except for legendaries I actually ended up releasing most of the Pokemon I caught that week... it made me feel bad that I released them really, or that it even bothered me. But I'm also stuck with medals in Black 2 now that say they were obtained on a date the game wasn't even out here.)
Scratches/smudges on monitors (If they're not extremely old). I'm sure this annoys everyone though. But I have a possibly dead pixel (or scratch/indent the size of one/a speck) that won't come out of my 3DS XL's top screen. It's so extremely tiny, but ugh, it's annoying me ever so badly that I'm seriously thinking about using the warranty on it to fix it despite the size of it.

I think that's good for now. (I don't, and I'm sure most of the other people in this thread don't actually have OCD of course.)


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I can't stand smudges and scratches on screens and disks. My little sister seems obsessed with getting the computer screen and my game/dvd disks as dirty as possible. I had one the other day that i had to clean, a lot, before it could be read.


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I turn lights on and off repeatedly before sleeping or leaving the house to ensure they're off and I trace my finger across the switches of appliances for the same purpose. My hamburgers must be constructed in this manner: Bottom bun, onion, burger sauce, patty, ketchup, tomato, onion, lettuce, bun. I lock/re-lock doors and press against them repeatedly to ensure they're shut. I have to sit in a specific space if its an area I frequent often/ feel a level of comfort in/or if its a coach (Usually I have to sit two rows before the toilet to the right, that way you are right next to the emergency exit, within easy access to the toilet but not so near to be overwhelmed by potential smells). The door of whatever room I'm in has to be shut.

Those are a few off the top of my head...


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I hate it when other family members leave the lights on for no reason. If no one is in the room, turn the lights off!

I'm also quite OCD about putting things in numerical and alphabetical order.


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I'm always rearraging stacks of paper. Like I actually cannot stand it when stacks of paper aren't stacked properly :p Lmao I had no idea I even started doing that until some of my friends got annoyed and pointed it out lol.

And I can proudly say I still don't walk on cracks on the ground... It's not per superstition, I just don't like it ...


I am very OCD about my house. I live in an apartment with my wife and I'm very nit-picky about where everything goes. When I get nervous/bored/angry/scared what have you.. I go on a cleaning fit that not even she can get me out of, lol! My cats have cat houses, beds, toys ect, and whenever I Vacuum the house, their items must go back in the same order from where they were before. Also, I have a DVD Shelf, where it has my movies, games DS games, Blue Rays, Anime and Reg Movies. Each section must be in their spot.
Reg Movies at the top
Anime/cartoons on the second shelf.
PS3/DS games on the third Shelf
PS2/PS1 on the last shelf.
When my wife messes it up, I go crazy!! XD


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My biggest problem is fingerprints, especially on my computer screen. My dad knows this and will purposefully touch it just to mess with me. Smaller nitpicks of mine are symmetry, order (Numerical, alphabetical, etc.), and making sure that the doors are locked/stove is off/dryer isn't running/basically anything that could potentially catch fire is turned off before I go to sleep.

I think the latter is more paranoia than nitpicking but, yeah...

EDIT: Also, most of the time (But not always) the number on things like volume or even inventory items in video games has to be a multiple of 5.
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I'm OCD about taps being closed. I make sure the bathroom tap is closed three times every time before I go to bed, and I just can't help it.

It's the product of being persistently yelled at for leaving taps open as a child, and even when I didn't leave the tap open, it would be blamed on me ;~;


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I absolutely must have my phone in my right pocket and my wallet and keys in the left. No exceptions.

Ugh... This reminds a "OCD" I have... I need my phone with me. Period! I can't go out without him, I can't cook without him in my pocket, I can't take a bath with him being anywhere not the bathroom. My GF is my phone, haha!!!
my hands...... they have to look a certain way.. like for example my nails must look about the same length; if one brakes/chips I cut them all.... my cuticles must be neat and my hands must be moist from using Skin moisturizer.... if they are not, it will bother me all day long or until I can fix it... at work, I have a manicure set to clean my nails when ever I have a chance...... ('>..> I know I'm a freak XD)