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What are you nitpicky about?


Praise the Sun!
I used to be pretty bad years ago when I was a kid in video games; I had this nasty habit for checking every nook and cranny to get the most out of the game. When I played Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem on 'Cube years back it completely punished me for it. XD I still love it though.


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My Pokemon must all be equal level at any given moment. I will not switch an underleveled Pokemon out of combat even if it has a type disadvantage, EVER. I will adamantly refuse to train anyone else until they are caught up.

It also bugs me whenever my TV channel is not a multiple of nine.


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Firstly most of these things are not remotely as bad as OCD. I know because my mom has it.
However among my habits that are like OCD I the fact that when I was a little kid the number of blinks I take have to be an even number.
I have gotten over that however I still lapse into it from time to time. I also cannot have my food touching. If it touches I carefully cut away the piece of offending food and don't touch it. I also have this weird thing about cleaning. I am normally messy and disorganized however, when I am told to clean up I clean up every thing. Even if it is a wrinkle in the sheets or an object a centimeter out of place I will fix it even though it really doesn't make a difference.


they call me Varanus
- I have to check the oven, the stove, and the dryer at least three times before I leave my apartment to go anywhere.

- When I walk out the door, I have to lock the door, walk to my car, walk back to the door, check to see if it is locked, walk back to my car, and then repeat this process three times before I can leave and go anywhere. And sometimes I still worry about whether or not the door is locked anyway. I've started doing things like spinning in a circle or hopping on one foot if the door is locked so that I have done something "different" and I can remember that I did lock the door. My neighbors probably think I'm crazy.

- I also have to have my movies lined up in alphabetical order. Strangely, I don't care if my books are alphabetized or not, but books in a series have to be next to each other in order of the series.


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I always have to look behind me to check If I've dropped something. Even when I'm in a car and I check the road behind me :(. I also cannot sleep without every single light off in the house.


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1.) Whenever I leave the house, I must loop around it to make sure any electronics are not plugged in, then I must count to 4 when locking up and setting the alarm to ascertain I did it in the right order. (Lock deadbolt, screen door, set alarm twice so it is set to "away") I'm sometimes late getting anywhere due to this.

2.) My books have to be in order; it will bother me incessantly otherwise. They have to be in the proper sequence they were released in. (So, if anything, my bookshelves are immaculate)

3.) On the occasion it gets really bad, like nerves or stress, I have to fidget in a certain way, and I usually can't stop unless I get up and walk it off.


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I have to tap the fridge three times after I close it to make sure it's actually closed.

Playful Latios

@Soul Dew
After doing something major in a game I'll double save. When I'm at work, my desk area has to be neat. If it isn't when I come in to work, it does not start me out well.


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I HATE when people say they're "OCD" about something, because I have severe OCD and it has drastically affected my life. People who say they're "OCD" about somethong have no idea of the scale of our obsessions and compulsions. They FAR outweigh those of "normal" people. I make random noises and twitches, and it doesn't matter if I try to stop. The longer I go without doing them, the greater the urge become. I am obsessed with the show The Simpsons and know absolutely everything about the show. I have almost 15,000 posts on a Simpsons forum. I am also obsessed with geography and know the capital of every country and the seven largest cities of each state. I can't do anything unless my glasses are spotless. I spend literally hours every week cleaning them, and it makes me miserable.

Okay, I'm done...


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Waking up and checking my phone to see anything new it might've happened last night when I was sleeping. No matter what, I'll always do that. Today, I woke up, 8 of AM, checked my phone, and then... Get back to sleep. That because I woke out of nothing! I don't even know why I did that, but I did.

I always save twice in games to make sure it actually worked.

This, exactly. There was one time in which I saved thrice.

And by the way, always clicking Mr Spock's signature just to lead me to a place I already know. It's an obsession.
I dont know if this is normal, but im not OCD unless im at work. (is anyone else like this?)

Anyway, Im a cashier at a local grocery store, while im checking people out I have to make sure that my money is facing the same direction. Also if i have a pen it has to go in the holder they have for it, and not laying around my space. If i don't have a buggy (when i go get one) if there is a buggy out of place i have to put it in it's right spot.


I have to have my things organized.
For example, my video games are alphabetized. A friend of mine mentioned that they were alphabetized backwards, Z - A. I think that may be because I'm left handed though. I usually do things opposite without noticing until someone brings it up.
My closet has to be organized by color of jeans, color of shirts, type of shirts, then jackets.


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I always have to unplug everything before i go to sleep on a night, otherwise I fear I may burn my home down (silly I know).
I have to push/pull a door 7 times to make sure it's closed, if i accidentally do more than 7, then 11 will suffice.


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I always have to have have 6 tabs open per window when I'm on my laptop (It usually is like this: 1st tab is open to a random Pokemon 2nd and 3rd tabs are opened to Serebii Forums 4th and 5th tabs are opened to Fanfiction.net and the 6th tab is opened to Miiverse.).


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I wouldn't say I'm OCD about things, since as BattleFanatic14 pointed out, there's a large difference between quirks and real OCD. But all the same, I do have a few quirks of my own:
1. When I'm in a supermarket and see sale tags stuck behind merchandise, I have to pull them out so that they're displayed prominently
2. There are also times when I have to adjust the merchandise so that it looks more equal - i.e., pulling items toward the front of the shelf or turning cans around so their labels face forward
3. I need to be listening to music at...well, almost any time, and it has to match my current mood and current activity
4. I need to check a phone number or email address (or my own 3DS friend code) at least three times to ensure it's written correctly
5. I also need to read through an email at least two or three times to make sure that I haven't made mistakes or misstated anything


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I'm OCD about having my starter be the highest leveled Pokemon in my party..

Lol, I do this too all the time! Since the Hall of Fame records your pokemon's levels, I plan my battles against the Elite 4 & champion quite extensively to ensure my starter is still at top.


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I have a feeling I do have OCD, but I'm undiagnosed. Same with bipolar disorder, but that's probably just teenage moods.

I'm obsessive about a lot of crap, but the biggest thing is I have a MAJOR typing problem. I group letters on the keyboard into 'groups' and I can't press a key in one group without typing all the other keys in the group. So most of the time I've got a finger on backspace. This sentence without hitting backspace looks like this: tyhgisda dasentyence wityhgouty hitytying bdackspdsace looksda like ygthids. Plus I have to press both Shift keys at the same time, and Cap Locks and Enter at the same time, and I keep randomly hitting '\' (backslash) all the time for some reason.
It also applies to the number keys, so I pretty much always use the numpad with NumLock on. That sucks, it kinda makes weapon-switching in PC games inconvenient for me since I have to drop the mouse for a second and hit a numpad key. But I've adapted to compensate for my excessive backspacing by typing really fast. Like, REALLY fast.