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What are you nitpicky about?


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I have tendencies to be freakishly obsessed with things...

Then they mean something to me forever....

yes, i am an interesting one.


King of The Pirates
I'm actually OCD to a lot of things most I can't fully remember, but I'm pretty sure that one is misspelling, and the other is crooked lines.


I'm tired
I'm not sure if this is considered OCD, but:

1) I always have to wipe things at least 5-10 times before I'm satisfied.
2) After having animal contact, I make sure to wash wherever I had contacted thoroughly countless of times.
3) I can never leave an area of work messy. Every corner has to be tidily arranged.
4) If my table in class (or any of them nearby) are out of alignment, the first thing I do is immediately go over to arrange them into such.


Legendary Trainer
Everything must be evenly levellel, neat and tidy in one place. I don't like touching anything that has been on the floor, mostly food. I also wash my hands constantly. All volume levels must be an even number on anything, such as TV, Computer etc. Lists must have an even amount of things on them.


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Kind of a weird thing, but whenever I walk to school, i turn back and look at my house because i feel that if i don't something bad will happen to it while i'm gone.


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The volume on my computer must always end in a 5 or 0.

Typically when one suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder (like me) they tend to be "OCD" about everything. I like how most, not all but most of you guys mention that you are "ocd" about this and that without knowing how serious the disorder can get. Using the term loosely while you don't suffer from the dissorder like I and many other people do. It's's a horrible dissorder and I don't wish it on anyone, but I'm working on it and have made some progress.

@Komaeda: Yes those are symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder.

Actually quite a few of you seem like you have OCD except it has not been diagnosed.

And for the rest of you guys who are using ocd as an adjective shame on you.
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Newb Shiny Hunter
When I used to play yugioh, I used to have to sort my binders by certain level,atk, def, card type (monster, trap, etc), name, etc. and if one card was added/subtracted, I would have to shift every card one to the side to make it fixed again
You suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, you can't be Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.


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I can't stand messes. I constantly clean my room/keep my room clean. I love to draw, its one of my hobbies, but one thing out of place, then the paper is crumbled and thrown out. I love being organized, too. I'm OCD about many things, but IVs aren't one of them! :p

Hunter Zolomon

Into the Shadows
Staff member
I can't stand seeing dust on my PS4, PS3, or let alone any game system I own. It drives me nuts. I also can't stand seeing scratches on video game disks. I keep my disks clean, and perfect as possible.
I ocd a lot on painting. If I screw up even though its not finished, I throw it away. Lots of people complain that in wasting paper.


L Kickin' the Noise
In terms of forum, I can spend like 20 minutes just jumping from profile to profile trying to go from A to Z in order of first letter in the name.
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I ocd a lot on painting. If I screw up even though its not finished, I throw it away. Lots of people complain that in wasting paper.

Everyone does that, lol. My teacher in pre-school loved whenever I did that, we would have thousand of papers scattered on the floor in four or five minutes! <3


Poison Moth
Natures, IV,s and the dates where my eggs hatch.
Like, I change the date of my system just to get an egg hatch on my birthday xD


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How my Extra Deck is to be organized in Yu-Gi-Oh. I must have them from least Atk to Greatest, and if one is out of place, I instantly get a migrane for some reason.