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What are you nitpicky about?

1.) Wet clothes that go up past the ankle. Unless it's down pouring and i'm stuck in it.

2.) If I eat something with my hands I need to wash them afterwards before I use my consoles or laptop.


Metallic Wonder
Pulling out strings of my hair when bored. (I do it unconciously)

not eating anything leftovers, not even by a day after it was made


The Red Hood
Cleanliness, which isn't a bad thing, though I do go through hand lotion more than I'd like. If only hand sanitizer didn't dry my skin out.

Mizz Nikki

Operations Director
I can't stand messes, I have always hated them for as long as I can remember. Does that count?


Pug Walker
I have a weird one, I can't stand having a messy kitchen, It HAS to be spotless. When I'm bored I find myself wandering in there and cleaning everyday. BUT, my room, is a disaster. I couldn't care less how messy it is in there.

Noot Noot

Klefki Groupie
You suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, you can't be Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Exactly. Contrary to popular, misguided belief, sufferers of OCD aren't quirky neat freaks.
OCD is a disorder, people. It isn't something sufferers like to be heard used as a trendy way to say you have a certain habit.
That's nothing short of infuriating. Depending on the severity of ones Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, it can be quite a nightmare to deal with.

I'm quite sick of seeing it be made into such a joke.


Volume must always end in an even number.

If I'm reading a book, I must always end at a chapter.

My heading and numbers must always be written in a black pen, preferably with gel ink, while everything else is written in pencil. The only exception for this is English, since I don't want my headings or numbers to stand out and look bolded.


Lion Master
The volume on my computer must always end in a 5 or 0.

omg, this made my day because I was just talking to my friend about this because he has the same problem. He kept adjusting my sound and stuff, I was getting very upset lmfao.


The very worst.
Threads like this. Don't self diagnose, see a doctor. I'm going to go and say majority of you don't have OCD, and these are just mild annoyances and habits. Do any of these absolutely impair the way you live your daily life?


Well-Known Member
During exams I need four pens or more of the same colour that I constantly straighten up to make parallel lines... I know it's crazy but I get uncomfortable it they're not like that...
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Well-Known Member
I check every spoon and fork after stains, plus I don't like to drink from glass.
Not sure if the word ''OCD'' is justified for that.

Celestial Moth

Guardian of the Tree of Time
Im very OCD when it comes to cleaning the dishes, apart from practicly srubbing the finish of off knives and forks so i can get the dirt of, i also have a compulsion were if im manulaly rinsing the dishes, i have to clean of the bubbles and soap on my hands so i it doesnt contaminate the rinshed dish im rinsing at the same time.

John Wallrein

I am the walrein
I've found that I'm not alone in needing my car stereo or TV volume to be on an even number. For some reason seeing an odd number there just bugs me, unless it's 25 or 35 for some reason....


When I pause a video on youtube or take out/put in my earphones, it has to be at a time where the "seconds" digits are 5, 15, 25, 10, 45 or 00, otherwise I feel kind of uncomfortable as strange as it sounds.

Oh, and im not sure whether or not this counts but I DESPISE the dirt that gets in the grooves of my 3DS which is not removable, it just gets my attention so much! Same thing with anything that gets on my buttons and down the sides, in which case I will use my stylus to try and remove it.
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Whenever I'm pausing a commentary or lets play on Youtube I always have to do it at the end of a sentence.