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What are you studing in college/high school?

Studied to be a nurse. I've been working for 3 years now and still loving my job~
Been working at an acute geriatry for the past 3 years, basically pathology in elderly people except cardiology or someone requiring intensive care comes to use.

Mostly orthopedic cases (mostly hip fractures, sometimes shoulder or leg fractures too), pneumologic cases and often people who just can't stay home anymore because of their general health going down or because of dementia.


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I study Business in college. I'm trying to write my dissertation right now, hope with some help of professional essay writing service on this page I'll finish it at the highest level and I'll get a bachelor's degree this year. I want to make a successful career in Business in the future.
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It was Traditional Animation (back in the day) but currently, it’s Business Management Administration, to which I’m going to change it once I get accepted to my local university. I forgot to mention I’m also getting my Teacher Certification next month so I’m currently also taking classes in that.


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Studied Biology and Environmental Science while in high school. Outside of it, been learning some coding and Spanish (took some back in 8th grade and have been trying to get back into the habit of learning it to help keep my mind sharp).


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I'm an Education major with a key focus on Elementary school. My aim is to teach at the Grade 3/4 level.

Despite this, I got a major and minor just in case I ever changed my mind and wanted to teach higher level. I'm aiming to have a Masters Degree in English and I already have my Art Minor.

Psychology is an interest of mine as well... a close friend of mine is actually also in Education but he's working towards his BA in Psychology first. He hopes to teach Psych at the College level.


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Funny I’m the exact opposite of OP. I was going to major in computer science but changed to psychology. I’m an empathetic person who tries to help everyone and the growing attention to mental health in the last couple of years has only pushed my will to help others

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I already graduated from college. I am currently working at a shop. And I got married around 2 years ago.


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I am studying veterinary medicine, tracking down a small animal/exotics path but I also love working with the largies. I ultimately want to get a Master's and PhD in wildlife and conservation medicine focussing on Aussie wildlife.


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I started in electrical engineering, but switched to English with a specialty in creative writing. Seeing as I write novels in my free time, I am glad I made that switch. I graduated with that as my degree. I also minored in philosophy.
I am now working on another degree, this time in computer assisted design.


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I'm studying sociology. I've always found the study of society to be fascinating. Specifically, I'm interested in studying race, class, and gender. Even that is broad though. I want to do something related to research and writing.


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Fresher in college rn, year started late due to Covid and it sucks to experience the first year in college online, wish I could be on the campus
Studying for a degree in Computer Science. Like OP did consider Psychology once, Im kinda unsure about what I want to do in life, Engineering in Computer Science sounds like a safe bet rn!