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What are your best nicknames?

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by FlippinEevee, May 27, 2009.

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  1. FlippinEevee

    FlippinEevee New Member

    Whats your best nickname and what pokemon has it?

    Whats your worst nickname and what pokemon has it?

    P.S.Anyone know a good nickname for:

  2. TrainerCasey

    TrainerCasey ~Johto Fanatic~

    I always use a fragment of their name. XD

    Altaria- Tara XD
    Diglett- Diggy
    Eevee- Eve

    I nicknamed my Cacnea "Becky" once. XD And the funny part was...IT WAS A BOY!!!
  3. Mrmagius

    Mrmagius ~Deity of Valleity~

    Starbolt, a nickname for a Starmie I own on Emerald. It might seem uncreative but I like it. I'm also ond of Wolfsbane, A dragonite migrated to diamond from leafgreen and Kimino for a Diamond Froslass.

    I think the worst nickname I ever gave to a pokemon was "Dos-zap" which I gave to a Zapdos on Yellow version when I was like 9, clearly I thought I was being cool at the time *facepalm*
  4. ChedWick

    ChedWick Well-Known Member

    My worst nickname is a female Kingdra named Queendra. I don't really have any good nicknames or even use nicknames, I suppose Guess is decent. I gave that one to my Luxray since I have a black cat named Guess.
    Last edited: May 27, 2009
  5. pocketmunster

    pocketmunster munster in my pocket

    feraligator named poldrunch...I dont know why its just sounds so funny...or deoxys as dezi arnes...yea.
  6. Augustus

    Augustus stuck back in gen 3

    I've named all my starters in all my games since the first time i played ruby a name something-chic. It kinda started with Torchic haha, I don't really like the names but I just keep doing it.

    Blazekin - Firchic
    Sceptile - Mupchic
    Venasaur - Ripchic
    Blastoise - Warchic

    Next ones probably gonna be a Swampert named Gorchic.
    Well there's my interesting pattern.
  7. Best name ever- Tom Araya (Vocalist for Slayer) for a Phione
    Worst name ever- Crabbo for a Krabby XD

    My brother's Typhlosion takes the cake, though. He was 8 and he named it Forbol! (With the exclamation point and all XD) Yeah, makes no sense
  8. Best name ever- Tom Araya (Vocalist for Slayer) for a Phione
    Worst name ever- Crabbo for a Krabby XD

    My brother's Typhlosion takes the cake, though. He was 8 and he named it Forbol! (With the exclamation point and all XD) Yeah, makes no sense
  9. ElegyCity

    ElegyCity Do we get ice cream?

    I don't really nickname much since I will just end up regretting it but the one that has stuck with me since the G/S days has been to name my ;229; 'Hades'. One that I thought was cool back in the day was 'Maelstrom' for a ;018; but now it seems so stupid, lol.

    I also liked the names for the ;003; and ;009; in the first movie, 'Brute root' and 'Shell shocker'.
    Last edited: May 27, 2009
  10. Xashlei

    Xashlei probably elsewhere

    Whats your best nickname and what pokemon has it?
    I'm proud of several nicknames--most are words, so it's easy.

    Chimecho(M) -> Rhyme (not from TWEWY, it was before I knew the series)
    Persian(F) -> Poetry
    Rapidash(F) -> Blaire
    Houndoom(M) -> Slander

    Whats your worst nickname and what pokemon has it?
    Yus the Shiny Bibarel on Pearl. Well, it was the first thing I shouted when I caught it... was a Great Marsh Pokemon.

    Buizel(male) - Geyser
    Eevee(male) - Sphere = balance, and Eevee can turn into a lot of forms
    Growlithe(female) - Ember = generic feminine fire name
    Diglett(male) - Kibble = kinda reminds me of rocks...;;
    Altaria(female) - Skye = sky
  11. Yuppirox

    Yuppirox hello

    Togekiss - Togex
    Gallade - Scyllade
    Roserade - Florex

    Yep. Those are the only Pokemon I ever nicknamed. ^^
  12. Phailure123

    Phailure123 is full of fail.

    My favorite nickname of my Pokemon is Plutonium.

    Yes. My male Gardevoir's nicknamed Plutonium.
    It's pretty great. <3

    I love nicknaming Pokemon. I make sure everyone I catch has a nickname. :3
    But when I can't think of a nickname for a certain Pokemon, I just put in their name, but backwards. 8D
  13. Pokemaniac Erika

    Pokemaniac Erika All aboard!

    I named my Altaria "Sophran".
    I don't nicknamed my articuno in ruby since I got it from trade, but I like to call it "Yuri" (I think it's my best XD )
    My worst nickname is.. Manectric named "Ellie". I just feel it doesn't fit with her.
    I have more pokemon with nickname.
    (Oh, one more think! I have a skitty named "Felita", torchic named "Torosiken", pichu named "Pii" and mudkip named "Nadya"! I just think it's a kind of fun naming a pokemon after someone you know XD)
  14. Indy

    Indy WAT

    I have trouble naming a Female Mareep.

    The best nickname I nicknamed a Pokemon was "Flare" the Magenzone. Named after my friend who is Magenetman.exe in an RPG.
  15. Xashlei

    Xashlei probably elsewhere

    Synonym? </random> You could just stick with Amph, orzz.
  16. purple_dragonite

    purple_dragonite All glory to Helix!!

    My most awesome nickname would have to be my Floatzel in Diamond, which I named FISHFOOD. Also in my most recent run of Gold version, I decided to nickname all the Pokemon that I've caught. Here's just a couple of examples.

    Chompy (Feraligatr)
    Beaky (Fearow)
    Nevermore (Murkrow)
    Waffles (Forretress)
    Omlet (Togepi)
  17. Evilyn

    Evilyn _

    I generally nickname my Pokemon using either words in Latin that are synomynous with something that would match them (e.g. Houndoom-Fire-Ignis), names of Songs I like, or names of Deities from various Mythologies, mostly focusing on Greek. None of them are really that good, but hey, it's kind of fun doing it.
  18. Eternal_Blaze

    Eternal_Blaze <- FTW !

    I'm not usually the one giving nicknames but I gave it a try while replaying GSC before HGSS comes out, here's what I came up with :

    Feraligatr : Dundee (ref. to Crocodile Dundee.. you know... the movies X'D)
    Gengar : Boogey (ref. to boogeyman)

    The worse nickname I can think of was on RBY, I named my Charmander "CHaRiZaRD" knowing that I'd get a Charizard later on.. thought it was "cool" back in the days ^.^'
  19. Ninetales_Girl

    Ninetales_Girl Hi-Ho Mt. Silver!

    Very cool thread!

    On my Crystal game, I had a pretty neat pair- a female Espeon named "Dawn" and a male Umbreon named "Dusk". I thought the names fit well!

    Let's see...on my latest run on Diamond, I have a Abra named Zingy and a Magikarp named Panfish...also, a Chatot named Twitter... xD
  20. Cruisercard

    Cruisercard Well-Known Member

    My favorite is Arcanica.. Other good ones include Shinokra for a Toxicroak. I also named my Venusaur Bailey. Oh, and I have a Magcargo named Devlin and an Empoleon named Duke from Yu Gi Oh abridged.

    Buizel(male)= Florence. Great. Now I have YGOTABS in my head.
    Eevee(male)= Eve? Depends what you evolve it into though. I had a Vaporeon named Vapor once.
    Growlithe(female)= Arcanico. For me?
    Diglett(male)= Doug. No, really.
    Altaria(female)= Taria? Maybe.
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