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What are your current goals


Anything at the moment


To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
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Try to finish reading Sleeping Beauties. Not the easiest thing to do, since I've been busy lately.


[Dam]n h[er] Gan[dal]f!
* Trying to be ready for life as an attending physician in 2.5-3.5 years. Residency is hard. I had to hold back tears a few times today due to how overwhelming it got, and I have to wake up at 3:50 AM tomorrow since I'm starting surgery block (I hate how it's a requirement for us in FM). Even though my program isn't toxic at all, there's so much self-driven pressure to be a better resident physician.

* Trying to optimize my health. I am getting all my baseline labs from my blood done this week, while also getting my teeth fixed. I can't take of other people if I don't take care of myself. I gained a lot of weight, and lost a decent amount of hair, in med school, especially over lockdown, and first six months of residency. I want to change that.

* See the bucket list of places I want to visit (several major European cities, West Coast places in the US, Singapore)

* Knock off my video game, TV, and movie backlog (I told myself I won't start anything new until I complete most of these first)

* Figure out plans with my partner. I might propose to her next year if we can figure out our differences in religion, since everything else is perfect.


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My goals this year are to pass all exams at high level and get a degree. Right now I'm working on my papers. Hope with a little help of essay writing services like Custom Writings I'll write my essay in the near future and at high level. They are professional for grammar and proofreading check. Useful tool for whose who are bad at writing as I am. I think such academic services are great option for students.
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Pass my SPs (simulated patients) course lol. Got 2/3 left, one I have to resit later and the one begins next week. Been really stressful since it’s constant assessment and you’re cramming a semesters worth of content into 1 week. I start my placements end of feb, you can still do them if you fail SPs but gotta repeat next year


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To move to another city. I lived in my hometown my whole life and I used to love it as a kid until I realized how bland it is.


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I have a lot of problems reaching my goals. I am a maximalist and spend my best efforts to achieve them, but I do not always succeed and I have no desire to do anything. Now I am trying to make my own site, but I have problems with the network connection. I found an article https://www.digitalconnectmag.com/how-to-troubleshoot-network-connectivity-with-linux-server/ that hopefully will help me solve this problem. I want to complete my business to the end and achieve its goals.
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ChampioN One

The chosen One!
To find some motivation to start studying again. I haven't even touched my books after the exam and there's already a shıt ton of backlog >.<


You can call me Tanner.
Definitely want to get some budget home renovations done this year. Already turned my basement into a small bar room/entertainment center. Almost done working on a fire pit area in my backyard, hoping to have it completed before the summertime. Also need to finish moving my mom and stepfather's stuff out (got the house from them) so I can work on the office/library area I've wanted. Would be nice since I've considered applying for some remote work positions. Probably will also include building some bookshelves, which is much needed, as my book and manga collection is currently stacked off to the side of my living room floor. Plenty of long-term projects as well, but that's what's taking precedence at the moment.

Other than that, I've tried getting back into teaching myself guitar again. I'm still very much a novice, but I have a music theory book that I'm hopefully going to go through soon. It's difficult finding the time these days, but I'm trying to practice when I can.


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Red and Blue

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I finished college and got my Bachelors Degree at the end of November. So I guess my main goal for next year will be to find a new job with it.
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Avid Pokemon TCG Card collector.
It's a tough one

Pokemon Trading Card Deck building as a "hobby". TCG LIVE is terrible.
My head is full of deck ideas. But i am limited to weekend budgets to hunt for any singles cards available (making finding V's, VSTAR's an EX''s in english and sufficient quantities. I don't trust online sellers and there is a lack of tournaments or challengers from family or friends.


New Member
Yearning for relaxation after a week of labor, my aim is to kick back and enjoy a stress-free weekend with my girlfriend. Picture this – a cozy evening on the couch, snacks at arm's reach, and a marathon of our favorite shows. This laid-back plan promises the tranquility we need, a perfect balance to the hustle and bustle of the workweek.