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What are your expectations of the writers/producers?

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Throughout the history of the Pokemon anime, there have been many ups and downs, characters and plots coming and going, and shifts in the writing style as a whole. My question is, where do you stand with the creators of the anime right now? Recently, some of us are under the impression that the BW series was a major blunder, but some would say Pokemon's better than ever. Assuming the show continues for many more sagas, do you think that the writers will maintain high standards in future sagas, or do you think their abilities to innovate are thinning and that more new writers should step up to the plate soon?

Personally, considering the multi-billion franchise that it is, I'm confident that they wouldn't let it go down without trying as many options as possible. I think that in BW, they are trying really hard to innovate, but some of the effort is mediocre or backfiring. It might be that they're just trying to do too many new things at once. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they are paying attention to their mistakes and will produce something along the lines of Hoenn quality in the next saga, but if they don't then I think it might be time to look for more staff. (btw, I posted this at BMGf, but I decided to do it here as well)

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Well, it'd be nice to have Ash finally become a pokemon master in my opinon. Then a completely new trainer could step up to the plate and do things we've never seen before.


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I just hope Ash would finally be a Pokemon master, a decade of journeys is quite enough to be very strong.


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I'm not expecting anything special from them so far. I usually just sits back and watch. Hopefully, I'll get a kick out of the episode.


My expectations are they just keep going with the improvements they are making as the series goes. I like how they try to make each series have a different feel while staying true to the basic premisse. Sure, they have their hits and miss but I prefer they doing that rather than just repeating formulas when the series already has some repetitiveness (but what series/franchises doesn't have it's fair share of it?).

As for the future, I'm sure new writers will be brought as time passes. For them, I just expect they are able to keep what the current team is trying to do while trying to be put a bit of their own ideas.

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While I don't watch on a day to day basis if at all anymore, my expectations on the writers is somewhere in the middle. I mean sometimes the writers present a great story to the anime and then they screw it up or ignore it (GS ball) and it becomes a joke. DP is my favorite series but I could name 10 and more major flaws of that series that really brought the show down which is sad because when the writers first presented it it looked new and like a good idea. They just didn't follow through with it, the DP teaser poster with Paul comes to mind.

They won't replace Ash, I've given up hope that they ever will and I accept it so at the very least all I can expect from the writers is they make the sidekicks more involved with the story, give them a secondary quest that can be invested in, good rivals, and have them interact with game characters more because I always felt the sidekicks lacked interaction with other game characters with a few exceptions. Maybe by gen 6 they'll create the ultimate season, and that I would gladly return for. So my expectations for gen 6's season will hopefully be high.
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