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What are your favorite pokemon shipping pairs?

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Phantomanime Reviewer, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. hello I'm new to the forums and an avid shipping of pokemon characters. I've even done fanfics of them and I'd like to know some of the favorite shippings of the people here. just curious. some of mine that I frequently ship are amourshipping, Luckshipping, Rocketshipping, Roboticshipping, Sommeliershipping, and several others
  2. oshawott7

    oshawott7 cat burgler

    I ship pretty much everything except Advanceshipping. My endgame ships are Poke, Contest, Ikari, Wishful, Boutique, Handyman, Snowpoint and Jellow.

    I love several ships though, my other favorites being:
    - Egocentric (Harley x Ursula)
    - Festival (Harley x Solidad)
    - Flarebuster (Trip x Georgia)
    - Luck (Brock x Lucy)
    - Pallet (Ash x Gary)
    - Pearl (Ash x Dawn)
    - Pretentious (Gary x Ursula)
    - Rocket. (Jessie x James) The only reason it's not one of my endgame ships is because I can see it staying platonic.
    - Respect (Ash x Drew)
    - Snarky (Trip x Ursula)
    - Sommelier (Cilan x Burgundy)

    and soooooo much more lol
  3. Satoshi no masara

    Satoshi no masara I'm not Red

    Anime-wise, I only like Amourshipping (OTP) and Advanceshipping (the pair that I shipped longest). I think Aureliashipping is nice. As for manga, I'm torn between Luckyshipping and Specialshipping. Apart from those mentioned, I'm not interested with other shippings.
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2018
  4. Sprinter1988

    Sprinter1988 Well-Known Member

    Anime: Ash x Misty, Ash x May, Ash x Dawn, Ash x Bianca (Movie 5), Ash x Bianca (Unova), Ash x Georgia, Ash x Mallow, Ash x Korrina, Ash x Lillie, Brock x Lucy, Brock x Solidad, Clemont x Korrina
    Manga: Red x Green (Female), Red x Yellow, Red x Misty, Gold x Kris, Ruby x Sapphire, Ruby x Courtney (didn't read any more after Hoenn)
  5. GarchompTheAssassin

    GarchompTheAssassin Water Supremacist

    Anime: Ash/Serena (like Ash/May and Ash/Anabel too), Clemont/Korrina
    Manga: Black/White
  6. Satoshi & Touko

    Satoshi & Touko The Kalos Queen of Kawaii <3

    Oh, yes.

    I like Othelloshipping, Furthershipping, Shalourshipping, and whatever the shipping is for Ash and Moon.

    Yes, given what I feel Ash would really want in a girl, I find it's easiest to ship him with a fun-looking game lead. :D
  7. Ferriswheelshipping is my otp.

    I also like AshxGiselle, BrockxLucy, AshxLillie, and AshxLana
  8. Victorian Rush

    Victorian Rush Rising Star

    I support so many ships but I’m only going to put my top ten favs in here.

    Anime: Pearlshipping, Contestshipping, Luckshipping, and Amourshipping
    Games: Transceivershipping, Hoennshipping,
    Manga: Specialshipping, PreciousMetalshipping, Franticshipping, and Agencyshipping
  9. Satoshi no masara

    Satoshi no masara I'm not Red

    Oh man, I almost forgot about Furthershipping (AshxLeaf), the crack pairing that I've always dreamed of.
  10. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie 桜咲くこの坂を今も上っている

    You just had to ask, didn't you lol. Basically my top favorite are:

    - Mewtwo/Mew (MewShipping)
    - Ash/Misty (PokéShipping)
    - James/Jessie (RocketShipping)
    - Darkrai/Cresselia (LunarEclipseShipping)

    There's a couple others like Drew/May, Ash/May (now that I watched all of the Hoenn episodes and realized I like the two's chemistry just not as much as with Ash/Misty), and Silver/Lyra, but I'm not as big into them like I am with my top four.
  11. Bubbles18

    Bubbles18 The Crazy Eevee Lady

    Well - the Anime -
    PearlShipping (Ash & Dawn) - Pearl & Diamond was the series that got me back into Pokemon.
    I do occasionally ship SapphirePearlShipping (May & Dawn) with a dash of LightningPearlShipping (Pikachu & Piplup).

    For the Manga -
    LuckyShipping (Red & Blue (Female),
    ViridianShipping (Yellow & Silver)
    and currently - somehow - DarkStoneShipping (Platinum & Gold - still trying to figure out how I ended up liking this pairing and where the shipping name came from).
    I tend to go back and forth on FranticShipping (Ruby & Sapphire) so we'll see how it turns out. We'll see if I end up liking anyone in the Black/White, X&Y and Sun&Moon series - once I get round to reading them.

    Game -
    SilentProtagonistShipping (Red & Dawn),
    Lillie & Moon from Ultra series (I don't think there is a shipping name for that yet),
    BoutiqueShipping (Serena & Shauna From XY),
    SequelShipping (Hugh & Rosa from Black2/White2),
    HeartSoulShipping (Ethan & Lyra),
    SoulfulHeartShipping (Red & Lyra),
    and HoennShipping (Brendan & May)
  12. reedcollins

    reedcollins ReginaRegina

    Anime-wise, I've always love Pokeshipping(Ash x Misty) ever since I first watched the original series! Something about Ash and Misty really stuck with me, and I saw a lot of myself in Misty. Another one of my favorites was Contestshipping (May x Drew), it was always my best friends and my favorite. Manga-wise I'm all about Franticshipping (Sapphire x Ruby), Sapphire being my favorite character. I also really like Gracefulshipping (Winona x Wallace)! In game, my biggest ship right now is Lillie and Moon, like Bubbles18 said, i'm not sure if there's a shipping name for it.
  13. Bubbles18

    Bubbles18 The Crazy Eevee Lady

    I know they had OceanFlowerShipping (At least I think that's the name) for Lillie & Moon from the original Sun & Moon but nothing so far for the Ultra Series. I haven't seen much artwork/fanfiction of it either (then again, I could be looking in the wrong places lol)
  14. HoundoomFan

    HoundoomFan shy shipper

    Palletshipping, diodeshipping, abilityshipping, morpheusshipping, pearlshipping, contestshipping, & appealshipping.

    Colorshipping/oldrivalshipping, Preciousmetalshipping, hoennshipping, hoennremakeshipping, hardenshipping, sailorshipping, Originshipping, dualrivalshipping, brighttomorrowshipping, & sequelshipping.

    Welcome to serebiiforums by the way! /slowpoke

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