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What are your fears?


I am who I am...because of them.
Like the title says, you reveal your fears, or anything your scared of.
Examples include, scared of snakes, bugs, and anything else.

All SPPf rules apply here so no flaming or bashing others because of their fears.

Alright here's my fears to start this off, snakes, bugs, getting a bad score on tests, having any of my video game systems lose saves, loneliness, etc.
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Hero of Truth

Lillie Fan
I appreciate the fact that you started a thread with this theme. Good going.

My biggest fear is death. I 'm also afraid of the darkness and those skeletal fish from Majora Mask. I also fear the animals a little, dogs mainly.




<- Best PKMN Ever
I have a fear of Wailord.... ;300; ;302;


I have a fear of spiders, and I sometimes get nervous when looking straight down from a high place (especially if the floor is glass and there's nothing between the glass and the ground, like the glass floor in the CN Tower or the glass box at the Sears WILLIS Tower)

why did they rename it the willis tower anyway

Murder Doll

Button Presser
I have a fear of the dark which is primarily linked to my fear of blindness.

I also fear sharp objects to the point where if I so much as see a person with scizors I'm cautious around them.

(Come to think of it this makes my liking Banette very ironic)
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I have a fear of not receiving recognition for my work to a point where I actually hesitate to draw because I feel like it's a waste of time and nobody likes my art. In general it's a fear of rejection.


Well-Known Member
Don't really have a great fear of any kind, not afraid of heights but I do feel slightly uneasy at extreme heights. Other than that like most I'm scared of dying, in particular slowly & painful.


Unify To Thrive
I have a fear of bugs with bad intentions. looking at you galvantula namely spiders and things that fly quickly that sting or bite or suck my blood.
Spiders. Death. Failure. My landlord. I'm scared of tons o' shit to be honest. I just become progressively better at managing it all.

Archangel Azazel

Fallen Angel
Dolls. Any type of doll. I just no likey them. I have bad memories about them when I was little :c

Also the Dark. You don't know what lurks there until you see a goddamn silhouette coming slowly at you or just seeming as its facing you.

Mirrors as well. Not that bad since I have one in my room, but if its dark and I am alone... I am actually really scared of facing it if I ever turn in my bed and see some type of scary illusion in it.