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What are your habits in Pokémon games?


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- naming pokémon after favorite characters from different anime (for example: Sakura, Sasuke, Tomura etc.)
- catching one Pokémon of each species
- frequent selection of the fire starter
- rarely changing the main team


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I have quite a few habits, including:

  • Always trying to include an Electric type in my team (as Water types are a frequent in-game encounter)
  • Having each of the starter types (Grass, Fire and Water) in my team, including my starter itself
  • Playing as the opposite gender of what I am in real life
- frequent selection of the fire starter

I always do this as well, though with a few exceptions.

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Looking back on all my playthroughs I'd say my habits tend to be:
  • I usually have a rotating team of 6 to 10 Pokemon.
  • I never use any of the one time battle items like X-Speed, X-Attack, etc. I usually just sell them to gain more money.
  • I rename BOX 1 to MAIN since it's where I store all my important Pokemon for that playthrough.
  • As a kid I used to have the box legendary on my team but now as an adult I prefer not to use them.
  • This is more luck based but whenever I do encounter a shiny Pokemon it's usually a species I don't find appealing. To this day I've never used a shiny Pokemon in any of my teams since I've never found one I liked.


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  • I generally take the Fire or Grass starter
  • On my first play through/main game, I use my real name
  • I don’t use legendary pokemon
  • I always use my starter on my team
  • I try to have at least two of each gender on my team


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-Try to get a main team of six, with two to four substitutes to rotate in for type needs.
-Try to get at least one special attacker. I have to actively try sometimes, I've ended up realizing my team gets tanked by a pokemon with good physical defense.
-Do theme naming for specific types of Pokemon. For example naming fossils after the Dinobots or characters from Jurassic Park
-Only use the box legendary in the main game.
-Curse under my breath when frustrated. Probably not the best habit.


I always capture at least one Pokemon of each species. In HG/SS in particular, I set out to capture all alternate form Pokemon as well, such as all the Minomucchi (Burmy) variants. I also try to get at least one copy of each item, even ones that I'll never actually use.


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-Name my player after the character (Brendan, Victor, Lucas, Red, etc.)
-Normally start with the water starter for every first run through (Gen 7 excepted, cause Rowlet)
-Try to keep at least a Fire/Water/Grass trio (and flying in earlier generations for obvious reasons)
-Never catch more than my intended team of 6 until after the postgame for the national dex
-Catch the box legendary and then never touch it. Repeat for all other legendaries
-If I find a shiny during the main story, it goes on my team (only happened twice, once in LGE and once in X.... both were Rhyhorn)

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Thought of a few more habits I've had over the years:
  • Even if I selected the Water starter I usually have a second Water type on my team who learns Surf. Notable examples being: Golduck, Politoed, Sharpedo, Floatzel,
  • I always catch the regional bird at the beginning of the game and usually keep them on my team to the Elite Four.
  • I used to trade with myself so I'd have all three starters in one game. Gotta say these are some of my most memorable playthroughs. Nowadays I enjoy just using one starter and building a team around them.
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- Being very specific about the gender of my pokémon

- Wanting all my main party on normal pokéballs for the sake of symmetry

- For a new gen, always use new pokémon. And it has to be a 3-stage line.

- This one is recent but: saying inside the PC's home. More specifically his room. I like to think I'm giving him/her rest after dragging him/her so much. Specially all that back and forth biking for the sake of shinies.

- I also have the habit of naming my characters after those of other shows/franchises. Gee, I've used "Takato" as my PC name in some games. Even though I despise Digimon ReArise as a game I smile when I remember finding a guy using "Ash Ketchum". Same energy!

Those are all I can remember now.


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1) A Grass/Fire/Water combo in every team I use
2) I like to track down every single item on a route or in a town, even if I have no need for them. My bag is usually full of junk I'll never use by the time I reach the fifth or sixth gym because of this.
3) When I get all of the HMs (or their later generation equivalents), I fly back to my house in the starting town, work my way back through the region and go through all of the HM areas that were inaccessible before.
4) Battle every single NPC trainer on a route. I shall not leave a route until all have faced the overpowering wrath of Me and the Boys.
5) On that note, I treat my Pokemon like I would a beloved family pet, I get attached to each Pokemon and get sad whenever they're defeated in battle, so every time one faints I'll always do something to get its happiness or affection level back up, take it to the NPC who does massages, level it up with a Rare Candy, play with it in Pokemon-Amie/Refresh/Camp, just as a way of saying "I'm sorry you went through that, you're a valued member of the team and I'll do better to make sure you're safe and happy."
.........Yeah, can you tell I have no social life?
6) When I've come to the end of a playthrough and done everything I want to do, the last thing I always do before deleting the save file is return to the starting town, walk back into my house, speak to Mum one last time (even if she just says the same thing every time you talk to her), and go back to the exact place in the house where I started the game, so it feels like I've come completely full circle.
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*Always use the Fire starter and regional bird in my first play through of a region
*Only use Pokémon from that region unless it’s a Nuzlocke or Monotype run
*Try to do as much as I feel is necessary. At the very least I’ll get every item, battle every Trainer, visit every location, and at least try out mini games like Contests at least once
*With only 2 exceptions, I stick to no repeating Types.
*I like using 3 staged lines like @Spider-Phoenix. Helps progression feel natural
*I always let my starter beat the Champion’s ace. It’s fun when you think about how many of them have an advantage to Fire.

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-Always use the water starter unless it's Sinnoh and sometimes Hoenn, in which case fire.
-I typically name my character after a character from any of my favorite franchises unless the female player appears in the anime in which case they're always going to be that character to me.
-I like giving each member of the team a gym or boss fight in an attempt at giving them some kind of character arc.
-Ever since Amie came out I like to max out my Pokemon's affection right away. Then, after a tough battle with a Gym Leader or E4 or the main villain, I go back and pet them and give them the best treats.
-I try to keep my Pokemon in order of capture. Only switching when the one ahead of the list levels up.
-When I get a certain number of Pokemon in my PC I sort Pokemon by habitat with the appropriate wallpaper. Forest Pokemon go to the forest, sky Pokemon get the sky etc., however, legends and my team get the final box which is the VIP box.
-I like giving "lectures" in the school once I become the champion. It basically just involves me standing in front of the class, reading what's on the board, reading my pokedex, I even showed the kids the Ultra Beasts with Refresh and took a pretend field trip with Bianca in BW, I swear the ghost appeared every time.
-I try to always have my starter beat my rival's starter. Also, if I know that an upcoming fight has a Pokemon of the same species as mine, I'll have my Pokemon fight them to assert dominance as another "character arc."
-I try to keep families together unless a parent is Ditto. Ditto is banished to the Daycare forever.
-And finally, for now, I always try to be several levels above the next boss fight.


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-I try to keep families together unless a parent is Ditto. Ditto is banished to the Daycare forever.

I usually try to catch a Ditto in each one of my games, or at least where it's in the regional Dex, so I can have a handy cloner for, say, Eevee, where I want to get all the Eeveelutions.

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I usually try to catch a Ditto in each one of my games, or at least where it's in the regional Dex, so I can have a handy cloner for, say, Eevee, where I want to get all the Eeveelutions.
Same, or if there's a Pokemon I like but I need to breed for.


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Whenever I play a new region’s game for the first time, I ALWAYS use only that region’s mons on my team.