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What are your habits in Pokémon games?


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An old and very superstitious habit of mine is turning off the sound and then turning the handheld screen away from my face so that I can't see what's happening when I try to catch a Pokemon that's hard to catch or rare. I've been doing that since Pokemon Silver.

I still nickname my Pokemon in ALL CAPS when replaying games from generations I-IV. I tried using lower case letters, but it doesn't feel right.


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I’ve always been a role player. I start off with one game as a character & then do playthroughs of other games pretending as if it’s the same trainer traveling to different regions. Sometimes I reuse the same pokémon through transferring or breeding duplicates, but most of the time I try to form a new team with the pokémon of that region (similar to Ash in the anime).

I finished two playthroughs this way so far
  • Soul Silver, Leaf Green (Sevii Islands), Emerald, Platinum, Black
  • Black2, Heart Gold, X, Alpha Sapphire, & Ultra Moon
I’m currently on my third attempt focusing on my playthrough of Sword, Go, the DLC, & Pokémon Y. Sinnoh’s going to be the next destination, but I’m still not sure which game to focus on. It’ll either be Brilliant Diamond with a standard journey through the Sinnoh region, or Legends with the character being sent to the past thanks to a time warp caused by Dialga & they need to find a way back home.
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-I save excessively often and often worry too much I will lose my progress.

-I never try to catch all the pokemon just ones I like or think will make good trade material.

-I tend to have a bias towards catching female pokemon unless that pokemon is masculine.

-I have played these games so long I rarely even have a pokemon faint against gym leaders or the champion.

- I am very traditional and prefer wild battles. Not a fan of anything related to GO or its catching mechanics.


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I always have a Water, Fire and Grass in my team (expect Heartgold didnt use Grass type) those type have some pokemon I like and also because Water type is my favorite type.

I sometime use Flying, Electric, Ghost, Fighting and Psychic in my team.

I have a habit of teaching a Pokemon Earthquake and Surf cause those moves are powerful also teach a water type pokemon ice type move for coverage.

My pokemon team is from the generation they debuted, the only exception is Diamond and White 2.
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Fred Garvin

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Catching a whole bunch of Pokemon and then sending them in Wonder Trades, hoping that I get lucky and end up receiving a shiny, lol.
I get shiny's all the time in Wonder Trades.....too bad they're always level 100, all ribbons, Masterball, Pokerus, with a ".com" name......

Storm the Lycanroc

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Whenever I start a new playthrough I usually catch the regional bird. It's always convenient to have a fast Flying type on the team. Additionally I never use the regional rodent or bug type since they'll quickly be replaced by better options.

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No hope.....
-always use the fire starter
-starter always being the highest level Pokemon on my team
-Pokemon I plan to use as main team must be male unless it’s gender less (like magnezone in my diamond team) or always female (florges in my x team)
-Pokemon on main team must be in normal pokeball


-Pokemon on main team must be in normal pokeball

I kind of have this rule as well. Mostly because some of the other pokéballs don't have designs that please me. I think only Dive Balls and Cherish Balls have interesting designs. Everything else is kind of meh in my opinion.


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Whenever I catch a pokémon, I always hold down the B-button after throwing the pokéball since I heard a rumor about that working like a Master Ball when I was a kid.

I know it doesn’t work now, but it’s still a gut reaction


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An old and very superstitious habit of mine is turning off the sound and then turning the handheld screen away from my face so that I can't see what's happening when I try to catch a Pokemon that's hard to catch or rare. I've been doing that since Pokemon Silver.
i did this for years starting with ruby. i only recently stopped doing this with sword lol


  1. I usually pick the Fire or Water starter unless I'm playing in Alola, since Grass-types are easier to find in the early game than Fire-types. I'm partial to Rowlet and its evolutionary line, though, so I made an exception.
  2. I almost always have Ghost-, Dark-, Psychic-, and Fairy-types on my teams—usually Absol, Dragapult, Azumarill, Gardevoir, Sylveon, or Espeon. The early game can be frustrating because it's so hard to find those types, at least in the earliest games!
  3. I prefer multistage Pokémon to single-stage nonlegendary Pokémon . . . except for Absol, that is.
  4. I rarely use Rock-types.
  5. All my Dragapults and Gardevoirs must be female, and I prefer female Eeveelutions, too.
  6. In Galar, I try to have a Dragapult on my team by the time I reach Raihan's gym.
  7. I usually have a Pikachu on my team unless it doesn't appear early enough in the game—or at all, in the case of the Gen 5 games. (I had a Blitzle when I played Black, and it just didn't feel right!)
  8. I rarely use Normal-type Pokémon unless they're dual-typed.
  9. I never use the common regional rodents unless they're my only option, they're dual-typed, or if I need them for HMs. No Rattatas, Lillipups, Bidoofs, Greedents, or Gumshoos here. Zigzagoon and its evolutions are an exception.
  10. I prefer to breed Pokémon with standard Poké Balls, Premier Balls, Moon Balls, Beast Balls, or Love Balls, though these aren't hard preferences.
  11. I name my Dragapults and Excadrills after chemical elements.


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All of the Pokémon I intend to use for any extended period of time will have a nickname that's an ordinary human given name. If it's for going through the story, they're random names unrelated to anything. If it's for multiplayer battling, it will relate to the Pokémon in some way. I used to sometimes pun them off their English names (like "Nancy" for Chansey), but I've stopped doing that due to the large amount of online opponents I find from places where the English names are not used.

In addition, I'm a nonconformist when it comes to which Pokémon I'll put on a team. I avoid anything that's very popular competitively at the moment, or, failing that (there were two cases this generation where a Pokémon I pu on a team became minor competitive staples later), I use a nontraditional strategy.

Here is an example of both:



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- I never nickname my Pokémon.
- Strong dislike for Pokémon that don't represent some kind of animal or some sorts.
- Always have six different types.
- Always use three physical and three special Pokémon.
- Always use the nickname JK.

Also, I always start not caring about IVs and EVs, just natures, but always end up not completing the playthrough because I want the perfect Pokémon, while not even playing competitive.


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These are a few of my rules, all of them "Pokémon training stuff" related to...
- Putting 252 EVs on the HP's stat of every freaking Pokémon I happen to train.
- Usually, at least 75% of the time, I give my Pokémon an item to power-up its own stab - examples: Copperajah with Metal Coat, Garchomp with Dragon Fang, Walrein with Never-Melt Ice, Chandelure with Charcoal, etc...
- I always heal my Pokémon (the ones I care about, at least) with berries over potions.
- I always insert one Fire-, Water- and Grass-type Pokémon in every team I'm gonna raise during a journey through a region.


Ghost-Type Master
1. I must nickname all my pokemon, unless it's Suicune. That name is perfect.
2. I must have at least three Ghost pokemon on my main team by the time I reach the final gym leader.
3. My Umbreon must always be female, and her name must only be Persephone.
- (Fun Fact: Back in 2007, I literally spent three days searching through the Trophy Garden in Pokémon Diamond for a female Eevee, just so I could evolve it into an Umbreon. Since the nickname theme at the time was "Greek Gods," I named her Persephone.)
4. Prior to turning off the game, I must save my progress in a location where I like the music (usually Stow-on-Side).
5. While doing a playthrough, the pokemon at the top of my party must always be the one with the most EXP needed to reach the next level, and I must alternate accordingly during battle.
6. While doing a playthrough, no pokemon can have a level higher than my starter.
7. Moves must be listed in alphabetical order.
8. My team must be underleveled prior to taking on a gym leader, but close enough to reach the gym leader's level by the end of the battle.

- I must see the entire roster of a new gen prior to getting the game, even if it means seeing leaks.
- I must see all of a new gen's gym leaders and their respective types prior to getting the game, even if it means seeing leaks.
- How much I like a generation almost always coincides with the the amount of Ghost pokemon that debuted in that gen.
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Over the years almost every "habit" I had with Pokemon has been subverted. Here's what's left, I suppose:

For a new Generation I always have to see all the news Pokémon before I buy the game.
Any Pokémon that I get gifted during the story get wonder traded away, especially if it's Kanto starter(the only except so far being the Bulbasaur you get at the Isle of Armor, I kept that because I wanted to see the Gigantamax)
I don't use Legendaries or Mythicals on my team (only exception so far being Nebby in Pokémon Sun)
I don't nickname my Pokemon
I usually try to use only new Pokemon for the first playthrough in a new Generation, but the smaller gens since 6 have made that difficult (Regional variants count as new Pokemon)
I don't use Mega-Evolution
I've never used the Fire Starter, but that's more because most of the Fire Starters just weren't to my taste (and Incineroar just couldn't compete with Primarina haha)
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