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What are your habits in Pokémon games?


Just another pokemon player.
I have a strong tendency to hit instead of X button when i'm trying to call out a ride pokemon like charizard, and same is true for hitting the Y button by accident if i need the menus in ultra sun.

My fingers have a strange muscle memory.


c l a r i t y
I often had a tendency to use a Grass/Fire/Water trio on my teams. I mostly picked Fire or Water starters, so my Grass slot usually went to a Pokemon I was more interested in.


An Opinionated Butthole
I freaking love pokemon evolving. It's pretty rare that I have a basic mon on my team. Like Kangaskan is great, but it doesn't evolve (mega evolution doesn't count) so I rarely have one on my team. Whenever a new game comes out I'm kinda torn between wanting to know the new pokemon to help me decide which version to get and wanting to be surprised when my starter starts evolving.

Also while I do like to have type coverage on my team I rarely have good coverage by the time I get to the end of the game, I almost always have mons that I like on my team vs mons that are good.

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
I always need a False Swipe Pawniard/Bisharp, Clefairy/Clefable with Metronome, and a Hydro Pump Salamence.


Well-Known Member
I often level grind so I can get my team on a level or two higher than the Gym leaders
I have no intention of nicknaming my Pokémon since I’m not good at names
I always use the Master Ball on the Pokémon that is the most important to the story (such as Rayquaza on Emerald)


Island Challenger
Whenever I play a new region’s game for the first time, I ALWAYS use only that region’s mons on my team.
I do this too. Like why would I enter a new region and use Pokemon I already know of or used instead of exploring and discovering a new species and all its mysterious features? Usually the sequels of the first pair versions I do a mixed of Pokemon I barely used like Riolu/Lucario in Black 2/White 2.

I also make sure every Pokemon in my party plays a part in the battle for Pokemon League Champion.


Well-Known Member
Whenever I enter a new town, I always talk to every single NPC there. Even if I’ve already played through the game before and know they won’t do anything.


Well-Known Member
I always save twice, I refuse to nickname my Pokemon, I sometimes go through my PC boxes obsessively to make sure that all my Pokemon are in their proper place, I also hate it when my Pokemon take damage so I'm always healing them either in the Pokemon Center or with items.


Call of Fate
I only teach Earthquake to my Ground-type team members.
I always beat all the trainers on routes and in gyms.


Just another pokemon player.
I usually save Master Ball for a cover legendary. The only exceptions i did were Xerneas because if a high capture and saved Omega Ruby Master Ball for Deoxys because Groudon and Rayquaza have high capture rates for the sake of progression.

Marbi Z

- Always Choosing the Boy Avatar
- Always naming my Pokémon
- + 5 Levels Per Gym
- Eventually Building a more competitive Team from Scratch
- Only using Pokémon I like


I don't have any special habits except that I like having all of my Pokemon that come from trades have OTs that are properly spelled with correct capitalization. Like for example I would go out of my way to trade with someone with an OT like Ash instead of ASH.


Just another pokemon player.
I always press the B-button when I'm trying to catch a Pokemon.
Good old "cross your fingers" button. Sadly it's just a good luck habit because the games use RNG factor such as type of ball, catch rate, rarity, remaining health and status conditions.

Same reasons berries (except golden razzberries) and spinning balls rarely help in Pokemon GO.


Just another pokemon player.
I only use rare or legendary pokes on my team
I mostly use one or 2 but never a whole team of them. Sure you might feel hesitant and secure/safe....But it makes you nearsighted, only seeing one strategy trying to steamroll it quickly. Inevitably doing this in competitive you'll experience skill players that predict your limited options for legendaries and exploit their weaknesses and you'll lose.

Knowing how to handle enemies like Wobuffet aka the Punching Bag who was once infamous for being banned in Ubers, because Counter and Mirror Coat could tank moves escaping unhurt and send it back with twice the power easily hurting Legendaries. Learning how to avoid that is important.

It's always important to learning strategies such as viable element counters, you'll be surprised with what you can find.