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What are your opinions on R/S/E?

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I've always wondered what other peeps thought about these games. To me, I thought they were very exciting and challenging! Course, I was like, 9 when I beat it the first time. Now, it comes to me that it seems like the actual level of gaming had delcined in Ruby and Saphire. Emerald seemed okay, though. But, that's just my opinion. What about yours?


Ff Muffin to you...
I hate to admit it but I'm struggling on Ruby! This is the first time I've actually tried to complete the game (before, I used to get fed up of it and not bother), and I really am finding it hard. There are very few places (well in my opinion) to train water pokemon if you dont have access to Victory Road... but yea :p


I hate to admit it but I'm struggling on Ruby! This is the first time I've actually tried to complete the game (before, I used to get fed up of it and not bother), and I really am finding it hard. There are very few places (well in my opinion) to train water pokemon if you dont have access to Victory Road... but yea :p

You poor thing! Well, I was like you at a time. When I got fed up with the game, I deleted my file, which then led to the loss of my bro's Pokemon. On the water Pokemon situation, you are pretty much right. If you've got a Marshtomp or something, train it in a place with lot's of fire-types or electric-types. If not, try not to base your team on water-types as much. Having to much of one type can really hinder your progress. Well, I hope that helped. Thanks for posting!


My Ruby...
First HoF: 140 hours +.
Second HoF: under 40.

First time I struggled SO badly with a well balanced team, I found it really hard and annoying to level up.

Second time, I went through with ONLY a Blaziken and it was a BREEZE. Level 74 I think by the time I PalParked her. -blinks-

Dunno what that has to say about the game. I found it harder to go through with a Mudkip, I stopped after I reached the Electric Gym with my Marshtomp I think. oO


Ff Muffin to you...
Yea I started out with Mudkip, and its super hard to level it up with decent levelled pokemon to battle against.

I really dont want to start over, but I might have to...


Well, if you think it's better to start over, than you should! I started over like, 50 times until I got it right. Plus, I just like going on new adventures with Pokemon. IT IS TEH PWNZRWS!!;260;


Ff Muffin to you...
I'm guessing you're a fan of Swampert, Ocre? :p


I thought the games were great considering the fact there were 202 pokemon in the game, and the Elite 4 have less leveled pokemon than the Kanto Elite 4.


To Lottie-Yes, you could say so! Swampert is pretty cool. Oh, if you wanna be casual, you can call me Tsuki. Ocre's okay, too!

To Dattebayo-Yeah, the games were great, but really easy to beat. That's the only thing I don't like about it.
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Symbol Hunter
Like RSE
1)new pokemon, story, villain, character, double battles......(and many others new stuff)
2)much better graphic
Specially for emerald only
4)Battle Frontier!!!!!The most challenging part of any pokemon game making the gym leaders seem so much easier


Psephophthalmus artu
i really thought the games were 2nd best only to 2nd gen they did a lot for the series, from adding alternatives to battling like contests, to adding personalities to each pokemon not to mention the vast colour enhancement that came with it that D/P has not really stepped up in that area either

gameplay i enjoyed the new region immensly, its actually my favourite and i enjoyed it not only because of the new site but also the new ways you could interact with the world like diving and and surfing was a breeze, special bike maneuvers and all that new unnessacery stuff is what made the game fun for me. i did not have any trouble beating the game and i wish it was harder but i enjoy it to this day still
I wasn't a big fan of RSE, because of one thing:

On my first Sapphire game, I had 198 Pokemon. The only ones that were missing were Feebas and Milotic, because I couldn't find them anywhere. And the end-of-game glitch didn't help at all.
So I started my game over, and the next day find out how to fix it. >>

Fire Suicune

Well-Known Member
I thought R/S/E was a very good generation. It debuted most of my favorite Pokemon, a few of my favorite attacks, and the region itself was nice. The graphics were great as well.

I didn't think it was that hard, but it wasn't extremely easy either. First time I played, I never really made a good team, so I had 3 or 4 water types in my party when I battled the E4. My Swampert was level 68, way higher than the rest XP

Overall, it's still my favorite generation to play.

-F.S. out


Well-Known Member
I think it was the best gen in that it was the most stable. The first gen was glitchy and unbalanced. The second gen got fixed up a bit but was still lacking in terms of ghost and draong typed pokemon and attacks, and type variation. By the 3rd gen all types had been beefed up with a decent roster, new attacks were added to even things out, new type combos came around and all was good. Now in the 4th gen there are so many items and so many attacks with outlandish results that I feel that while still being quite good, alot of the stability of the 3rd gen was abandoned for chaos.

From a battling standpoint, these are the games that I will be enjoying the most.


Dragon Trainer
I loved R/S/E. The storyline was fun what with both Team Aqua and Team Magma in one game, and I really loved the Pokemon. Many of my favourtie pokemon actually belong to the 3rd gen. And the fact that many of the 3rd gen. pokemon where dual type made it even more intresting to battle and raise them. Not too mention the Battle Frontier became my favourite part for months. I was pretty obsessed with it for a while. And as much as I loved the 1st gen games, and restarting them just for old-times sake, R/S/E definatly have to be my top generation games so far. On another note, I did'nt have much trouble forming a well-balanced team. Usually I do when I first start out a game, but for the 3rd gen. I did'nt. Which probably adds to my love for this gen.
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IDK the 3rd Gen unfortunately I have to say was my least favorite. I thought that it was incredibly easy I didn't 'black out' once. Emerald gave us the Battle Frontier but not much else. The only thing spectacular about this Gen IMO was the graphics. An incredible step up from G/S/C and not much could be improved upon in the 4th Gen. The 3rd Gen is still my least favorite but all in all, you can't really go wrong with any Pokemon game now can you.


Well-Known Member
I found it hard but fun. Of course, that was when I was 10 years old or so. If I tried playing it today, I probably wouldn't have the same opinion.

The Composer

The Composer
I personally think they're the best. You have a ton of pokemon to choose from, but not TOO many (I refuse to get Diamond and Pearl because I feel like it's just too much now...you know?) I think that they created the last really, REALLY good pokemon in this generation. I'm not fond of anything from Diamond and Pearl. I think Emerald is the best pokemon game ever made, if not as extensive as Gold/Silver (which is my favorite). Even the graphics were a total revelation in comparison to the 1st and 2nd Generations.


Not Banned
It was a great generation. A lot of fun to play, had a longer storyline. However, I still prefer GSC. RSE was too, colorful for my taste.


I absolutely LOVE R/S/E. In my opinion D/P went downhill and I love R/S/E's awesome storyline. It's not as childish as the others were.
I still am one of the few people who still plays Emerald. XD
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