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What are your plans/goals for 2020?


Shall, I show you a true Champion time?
"New Years Resolutions" are so yesterday, am I right? With New Years approaching in five days, what do you have plan for the new decade?

Satoshi & Touko

Peanuts aren't just a nut.
- Find some way to be able to walk on icy/slippery terrain
- Save up to get the following: $900+ smartphone, laptop, UGG boots, and to start investing.
- Complete a major fanfic project
- Learn to be able to file my own taxes

Divine Retribution

No war but class war
I don't do New Years resolutions, but my plans for the proximate future are to put myself through driver's ed and get my license, work towards developing a marketable skill, and maybe pick writing back up as I haven't done it in a very long time.


PokéJungle writer
This past year has been a pretty great one:

- Met my long-distance girlfriend in the flesh
- Got a new, well-paying job
- Started living alone for the first time ever in a new flat
- Flew by myself for the first time ever, to Dubai - followed up by another first-time trip to Washington DC a week later
- Took up a voluntary writing role to force myself to remain self-disciplined in my free time

As for 2020, it's therefore a case of keeping the ship steady. I'd like to lose a few more kg beyond just the Christmas weight, and get myself into a good position for promotion even if it doesn't necessarily occur this year.

Edit: It does actually help to read the OP, doesn't it? I'd like to be owning my own house within the next decade, and earning £100k by the end of it. Marriage and children would be a nice bonus.
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Canada Connoisseur
  • Be more creative and productive
  • Be more open about my emotions
  • Socialize more
  • Walk with my dog more often
  • Start saving money instead of spending it all in one go
  • Be more tidy


Well-Known Member
I need to manage my spare time better. I keep getting distracted by shows and websites when I get a chance to relax at home, but those things only make me more lazy and complacent. I really need to get better at being self-motivated.


To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
Staff member
Try to get back writing more fic, once my laptop is back at full power.
Get back to learning more Spanish and coding.


it's about the CUBES
-- Open commissions formally!
-- Finally start work on that Nuzlocke comic I've been planning for literal years
-- Focus on making art for the joy of making art, and work off the perfection demons
-- Work back into writing and music.
-- Work on current friendships and family relationships, and make one new one at the very least.
-- Continue creating a healthy relationship with boyfriend and work to be a better communicator
-- pass ALL the classes!


World's biggest Incineroar stan
*Might pick up coding again. Got burnt out of it but I need to get back into it if I want to make my own game at some point
*Plan out what I’m doing after graduation in 6 months. This has been driving me insane lately.
*Spend more time with my friends irl. We usually either have late night calls on Discord and/or play games but if it’s not that, I’m probably sucked up in my own life issues being busy.
*Exercise more frequently. Haven’t had the time to last year
*Get a new job. I hate having a repetitive life so I need to shake it up a bit


To read more. I have a huge stack of books that I ordered online that have been piling up since October, but I can't find the time to read them all since I'm playing about three different video games during my spare time, and I have other things going on as well. I need to start reading them or else those books will just take up space.


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Plans for 2020: Reduce my weight to 85 kg( I am currently 95 kg), study up to come close to finishing my college, go to course to master my English( English is not my first language)
So far it goes terrible but it's only start of the year.. so I am going to at least finish 3 and half of my exams in January/February. 5 in June/July and 3 and half in September. Course to start in October, reducing my weight to start in March.


You! Me! Rivals! Yes?
I'm planning to move out of my parent's house in 2020, right now I don't have quite enough money to do it, but my grandfather passed away back in November and we've recently sold his house, so I'll eventually be getting a portion of that money.


Right now I'm learning to code so that I can develop my own video game.
I'm also practicing my art to be professional level so I can artistically design the game I make.
Also I am trying to write a book about my studies of biblical interpretation.
Maybe I can work on getting my sixpack somewhere in there?


Keeper of Slurpuffs
To better myself. I don't have a specific idea as to how to do that, but I started taking a lot of baby steps in 2019, so hopefully I can make strides this year.
I want to learn as more as possible about JavaScript this year to edit my own site. I hope I can do it till the end of the year because it's quite hard but also expensive.
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The Ghost of Tsushima
Get a girlfriend before 2022 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
But first I'mma need a job after graduation