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What are your POPULAR opinions about the anime?


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Well I'm kinda getting tired of unpopular opinion threads on every forum I see let's switch it up this time what are your most vanilla takes about the pokemon anime
Here's Mine

- I really love the anime's portrayal of the main Charizards.
- Iris in JN really redeemed her character for me
- XY is one of the best series and has one of the best portrayals of ash
- French girl good
- French Girl's feelings good

Pokegirl Fan~

Dawn had the best character arcs of all the female lead.
Most fillers and filler plot episodes are dull and a waste of time.
Lillie, Serena, and Iris had the best returns in Journeys (well at least in this forum anyways)
Ash losing leagues became dumb after AG.
Ash should have been replaced by DP at the latest.


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Also, I really hope Liko is Ash's Daughter Because:
- Obvious reasons
- It would be kinda poetic since pokemon started with a mother and her son and it ends with a father and his daughter.


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Serena is the best and last poke girl
Pretty sure that is unpopular because that's only you

OS: It has the best or second best character interactions
AG: Battle Frontier was awesome
DP: Paul is Ash's best rival
BW: The Don George tournaments were the best part of the series
XY: Has the overall best looking battles on average
SM: Has the overall best looking character inteactions scenes
JN: Lillie got what is probably the best non battling focused episode in the entire Pokémon Anime


Horizons is THAT show.
OS- It was one of the most funniest series
AG- Contests were an excellent idea and innovative
DP- Dawn had the best goal development arc and character development arc. Additionally Ash was at his best here.
BW- Iris is the strongest companion
XY-The camera movements and battling animations was extremely nice.
SM- Dealt with serious topics like Lillie’s PTSD which was something very new. Probably one of the most important series in the anime
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Water starter fan
Cynthia and Steven are the coolest champions

May in DP is the best cameo in the show

Dawn is the best executed female lead, but her cameos have been underwhelming

Use of 3D camera in XY was amazing and is sorely missed

Early OS is unmatched when it came to character chemistry (and probably humor as well)

No reserves in PWC was a smelly decision and made Ash's accomplishments in it feel hollow

Sinnoh League QF and Lake Acuity are the best full battles in the series (the latter is basically the gold standard for battle writing IMO)

Ash and Pikachu overstayed their welcomes as main characters by a few hundred episodes
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Pokemon is easily the best dub 4Kids ever produced.


Shirona, my beloved...
Cynthia is the best and strongest Champion.
XY and DP are the best series.
Ash should have won either the Sinnoh League or Kalos League.
Paul vs Ash is unmatched, unparalleled and unequaled even after a decade and will never be topped.
Alola League was a total joke of a league and should not have been how Ash won a League.
Artstyle after XY is horrendous and an affront to the eyes.
PWC felt utterly weightless for something supposedly so big.


Four Sheets to the Wind in Copenhagen


Four Sheets to the Wind in Copenhagen
The dub in recent times is painful to listen to. TPCI did pretty good with DP and then just stopped trying?

4kids at least tried to make the characters sound natural and funny.
I feel like 4Kids just wasn't afraid to make it a bit goofy. Sure, that was to the detriment of many series (just look at the infamous One Piece dub), but for Pokemon it just fit the series perfectly.

Trey pokes

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That the BW anime is worst anime, Johto taking too long to get good, XY anime for being controversial and 4Kids not being a good dub. TPCI gang 4 Life!