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What are your POPULAR opinions about the anime?


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Not thinking twice!
I feel like 4Kids just wasn't afraid to make it a bit goofy. Sure, that was to the detriment of many series (just look at the infamous One Piece dub), but for Pokemon it just fit the series perfectly.
Tbh Yugioh GX too, they made an already crazy series even crazier and it was hilarious


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Mewtwo's movie is the best one, Cynthia is a great champion, Paul was a good foil to Ash, XY had some of the best animated fights and character arcs of this show, BW was a mess (tho i still appreciate Iris and Cilan), Cameron's fight is one if not the show's lowest point (alongside with Alain vs. Leon), SM's character design for Ash/Pikachu/TR was attrocious, classmates like Mallow and Lana lacked a proper arc, Johto's crazy amount of fillers is unbearable, they should have given more development to Misty during the OS, Brock was extremely neglected after OS ended, JN was overall boring and Chloe's arc was rather unoriginal and too spaced out.


Hardcore Paul fan

Battles : DP

Main Rival : Paul

Companions : Misty & Brock

COTDs/Filler : OS/Kanto

Comedy : OS/Kanto

Animation : XY

Champion : Cynthia

Companion Rival(s) : Drew & Harley

Contests : DP

English Opening Theme Songs : AG

Japanese Opening Theme Songs : AG

League : Lily of the Valley Conference

Team Rocket : OS/Kanto

Villain : Hunter J

Shipping : Ash x Goh Ash x Serena

Punching Bag : Puss in Boots Trollbias Cameron MCX Alola League


All set to be a nice guy
- OS is easily the funniest series and no series has come close to its humor.

- However, on the same point, using nostalgia bait as Ash's finale is terrible and is one of the many reasons why Mezase is looking like one of the worst ever conclusions for a main protagonist.

- BW is an awful series, trying to emulate OS but with far worse writing and barely the charm.

- SM's "animation" can never justify it's eyesore artstyle.


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I have two that I think most people agree with.

1. Kukui was a great father figure. Not only to Ash but also the other Sun and Moon kids.


2. Tierno fits Serena best for shipping. Serena's dream is to become a housewife for a man, which means that she will get a lot of pleasure out of being a feeder who cooks delicious meals for her hubby. Tierno, quite clearly, likes food. It feels like a really good match.


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No. I don't even hate the butt shaking scene really

But this doesn't even compare to OS comedy
What makes OS comedy so appealing is that because it is the very beginning, almost every episode focusing on comedy feels fresh and original.
This certainly changes in Johto.
Blowing bubbles, being your mom's lover's drawing assistant, and making sandwiches are the best goals in Pokémon history!

When Cameron defeated Ash, he should have become the new protagonist of the anime!

LinLin is better Pikachu than Pikachu

Goh should have won the world series coronation!

Ash will wake up without legs at the end of Aim To be a Pokemon Master!