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What are your POPULAR opinions about the anime?


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Honestly it's funny that it's always called a "XY vs SM" war and the toxicity is blamed on the fans when in reality it's always the same toxic XY fanboys who derail threads and act like unhinged dumbasses. Time to call it as it is and not pretend it isn't just one particular sect of fans

2. Tierno fits Serena best for shipping. Serena's dream is to become a housewife for a man, which means that she will get a lot of pleasure out of being a feeder who cooks delicious meals for her hubby. Tierno, quite clearly, likes food. It feels like a really good match.
I cannot stop laughing at this bro LMFAO


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Well that's PAD, but there are several Latin groups where the exact opposite is true. I think this is about fanatical people with hate in their hearts,
Wrong, as liked as it is in Latin groups XY(Z) became a meme thanks to how much overreacted its most noisy fans were during the XY airing and then later during the SM airing, like certain user in this thread


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Yo Pokémon in Spanish is so funny why does Serena sound like an older woman, nah even terrible TCPi eats it up


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Its very normal for women to not be allowed to wear short shirts, but men can be shirtless
Actually this comment kinda did something and brought up a point because why was Olivia given that shirt and Kukui kept his Game Freak design? Quite frankly I'd rather then both just keep their original sprites. Olivia's SM design and they gave her that shirt for why