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What are your regular comic pick ups and why?


For me, it’s:

DC Comics:
1. Booster Gold- Truth be told a good portion of mainstream super hero titles from Marvel and DC take themselves too seriously or are determined into pressuring to pick up outside titles to get a lot of money out of you.

This comic on the otherhand is a good mix between light hearted and serious storytelling. And it’s for the most part selfcontained so that you don’t have to buy a crossover or other monthlies to enjoy the series as is.

2. Batman The All New Brave and The Bold- Aside from it’s nice Silver Age tone, it gives decent exposure to some of the other DC Heroes and even spotlights the ones that don’t appear as frequently on the show. And like previous cartoon tie in titles, even if it’s part of the animated continuity, it’s still self contained and can be enjoy on it’s own.

3. Young Justice- Like with Batman The All New Brave and The Bold, the series can be enjoyed on it’s own, but like the Teen Titans Go comic efforts are made to make it consistent with the series. Plus Greg Weisman (Supervising Producer of Gargoyles and The Spectacular Spider-Man) and fellow cartoon writer Kevin Hopps will be taking over the comic after #6, so this title is looking up so far in enjoyability.

4. Thunderstrike #1-5 Miniseries- Much like Booster Gold and Tom DeFalco’s (Who’s writing this miniseries) Spider-Girl, the series can be lighthearted and series, and mature without being vulgar. And for the time being this will be my last title for awhile.

5-6. Darkwing Duck and Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers- Can’t really make any distinctive comments so, I’m going to get them out of the way here. Both are continuation of my favorite shows and both comics are fun. But to bring up something I forgot to mention, like Booster Gold these titles are some of my biggest favorites. They’re enjoyable to the point where I can’t wait for the next issues. Though Young Justice is shaping up in that regard.

7. Uncle Scrooge- Picked up some issues and trade from time to time, so I decided to come aboard regularly. So far so good.

8. Ducktales (Coming out as of May)- I imagine that this will either be as enjoyable as DWD and CnD, or at least as fun as Uncle Scrooge, plus I grew up with the show.

9. Love & Capes- Good blend of super hero elements, humor and romance. And much like cartoons such as Futurama, it’s adult tone is of a more subtle nature (clever jokes and writing rather than trying to push excessive content on the readers). And so far it disproves the theory I’ve disagreed with in that the relationship between the main couple can be appeal even without the whole Will They/Won’t They song and dance.

10. Sonic The Hedgehog- Like with Booster Gold it’s a good blend of lighthearted and serious stories, and it’s based off the Saturday Morning Sonic The Hedgehog (back when Jaleel “Steve Urkel” White voiced Sonic).

11. Mega Man (Coming out at the end of next month)- Expect it to be fun, and it is being written by the same person as Sonic The Hedgehog.

Dark Horse
12. Avatar The Last Airbender (Sometime next year)- This will be a series of graphic novels taking place after the third season of the series. As a bonus, DH will be releasing a collection of the Avatar comics from Nick Magazines (and the unpublished stories that were suspended because of the magazine’s cancelation).