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What are your thoughts on paul

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by PaulFan1517, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. halloweenghost

    halloweenghost Well-Known Member

    Paul is just misguided and yes I bet you anything before it is over he will learn this..and learn that pokemon are ment to be friends and will probabaly end up being a friend of sh's.. But I think Paul is the best thing to come to the series in a long time.. We need a decent Villain type charachter. Someone to keep Ash on his towes.. like Gary,..but better, Gary was annoying..Paul is a badass. and very welcomed in the show IMO. To Me the last time Team Rocket seemed good was on Do I hear a Ralts...when they actually faught the twerps and actually did a good job... I'm tired of the random arm coming and snags pikachu deal lately.
  2. SapphireL

    SapphireL Lydia

    This is about the anime, so I'm going to move it to the Pokemon Anime section.

  3. Suna

    Suna New Member

    I like paul he is my fav in the series I hope they keep him.
  4. Ugobama

    Ugobama Well-Known Member

    He sucks.
  5. Marky Vigoroth

    Marky Vigoroth Beginning Trainer

    But did not Misty's Poliwhirl evolve into a Politoed by it simly wearing the King's Rock? And what about that episode when when that Slowpoke wore the King's Rock, the Shelder bit the rock instead of the tail and the Slowpoke became a Slowking? I think the same will be for Paul's Elekid.

    And my thoughts on Paul? He is like thar red-haired kid on G/S/C. Also, he does not seem to give his pokémon a chance. (However, I would have understood him giving Azumarril away after it lost to that Geodude. Water has a x4 advantage against Geodude, and Azumarril's losing destroyed Paul's hopes about it.)

    Also, not to bash someone/make this a religion thread, but me being interested in the Christian, I was diappointed that this guy, who was named after a model character in the Bible, acted very rude and bad, unlike the Paul from the Bible. I know that Paul is just a name and religion/Christianity is not touched on this anime (or at least not anymore), but it still diappointed me.

    Oh, and did you notice that he gave Azumarril away to that kid instead of releasing it? I think that since it was trained, he would wanted to find a different way to get rid of it. If you ask me, I hope that that kid who got that Azumarril re-appear again in the anime and surprise Paul with how tough his "useless" Azumarril got! That would make Paul angry...

    Also, what is it with Ash refusing to make his pokémon battle like Paul's in that gym match? I think that he meant by actually reating his pokémon nice unlike Paul who threats his wrongly, but what is the difference? I only read the synopsis of the Paul vs... that Rock leader (I forgot his name.), and I did not see any much diffrence from Ash's battling style...
  6. water master16

    water master16 water master

    personally i kind of like paul. his battle style may be different but he keeps ash striving to defeat him. most of his rivals and "rivals" don't put up a good a fight except gary and that one guy with thr blazekin (spelling) who fought ash's charizard. (sorry can't remember his name)
    paul is cool and i can't wait to see him with an infernape!! :D
  7. Drkecho

    Drkecho Retired

    Like I said in another post I think Paul acts like us when we play the game. When the Poke we catch has bad natures and IVs we just toss them aside much like how Paul gets rid of his Pokemon when they fail him
  8. PaulFan1517

    PaulFan1517 Well-Known Member

    What does everyone hear think paul will do in his upcoming battle against the sinnoh champion cynthia? Do you think he will release one of his pokemon after the battle?

    Alot of people think so but I think that he will definately keep his chimchar(or monfermo) and elekid(or electabuzz). The only pokemon I feel that he would ever release is ursaring.

    If you have noticed paul seems to actually like chimchar. After the roark battle where chimchar lost to one of the pokemon paul says to it I will deal with you later. I think that he will never release this pokemon because he has grown fond of it and wants it to fully evolve.

    What does everyone think about this idea?
  9. Celebitwo

    Celebitwo Celebi Clone

    I doubt Paul will release Chimchar but if he does I bet Ash and co find it and Ash tries to have a go at Paul. Brock will probably get it if this happens, remember the poster released a few weeks before the first episode aired.
    More likely Paul will keep it.

    As for Ursaring, I think its already been ditched. I know it wasn't used in the battle against Roark but when Paul was collecting his Pokemon from the Pokemon Centre after the battle, there were only 2 Pokeballs. Unless he didn't have it healed because it hadn't battled its possible thats he has already released it.
  10. Dattebayo

    Dattebayo Banned

    Paul is such a big jerk. He mistreats his Pokemon, and he has the same attitude as Neji from Naruto except it's Pokemon.
  11. PaulFan1517

    PaulFan1517 Well-Known Member

    Paul is such a big jerk. He mistreats his Pokemon, and he has the same attitude as Neji from Naruto except it's Pokemon.

    Well that is your opinion but lets be honest we all know that at some point in the sinnoh region(most likely at the tournament) they are going to change paul's personality since they are the most obvious writers and producers of a tv show. Then the rivalry will become boring.

    By the way celibitwo can you tell me what you meant when you said that paul had two pokeballs when he went to the pokemon center what do you mean by that?
  12. red2000

    red2000 Liger Zero!!!

    Well like him or not I hope he finally pushes Ash to the limit so all his pokemon will get stronger, kinda like Brandon at the Battle Pyramid
  13. PaulFan1517

    PaulFan1517 Well-Known Member

    Well like him or not I hope he finally pushes Ash to the limit so all his pokemon will get stronger, kinda like Brandon at the Battle Pyramid

    Even more than that let us all hope that paul pushes ash to actually catch more pokemon properly. I am sick and tired of ash just telling some pokemon to come join him without trying to catch them(I know that torkoal was the last one but still when was the last time we saw ash actually go out in a forest and try to catch a pokemon).
  14. Kris Bambii

    Kris Bambii Volcano Trainer

    I just don't like people with his kind of attitude, it's just annoying and ...grrrr. lol

    Paul realy angers me and he abuses his pokemon and treats people just as wrongly. He is a refreshing character who adds something to the show, but he's still a bad egg in my opinion.

  15. pkmnfreak75

    pkmnfreak75 fear the emperor!!

    Paul has such a bad attitude, that jerk treats his pokemon so badly, what'ts his problem?
    thats his problem.
  16. PaulFan1517

    PaulFan1517 Well-Known Member

    Paul has such a bad attitude, that jerk treats his pokemon so badly, what'ts his problem?
    qqqqqqqqIqqqqqdontqqqqqqqwantqqqtoqqqqsayqqqqqqitq qqqitsqqqqswearingqqqqqqqqqq
    thats his problem.

    I am suprised I thought that you guys would like characters like this that are in the pokemon show. It is the kind of spark that this show needed to get a good season paul hopefully might be able to make ash become more ambitious in his pokemon dreams.

    HOw is he going to be a master of pokemon when he doesn't battle properly and kind catch properly.
  17. dd1zzle

    dd1zzle Well-Known Member

    Paul is a jerk. He can be nice and appreciateful sometimes, like when he got the Coal Badge from Roark, but he treats his pokemon like crap. I swear his Chimchar should throw some fire poo at it while Elekid breaking his bones with brick break and Ursaring (if he still has it) should squeeze the rest of him!
  18. pokemaster001

    pokemaster001 ....................

    pauls mistake (not real)

    hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! lol the funny thing is that its true
    one thing that would show him the mistake of his ways is if paul catches 3 pokemon and enters a gym battle then 2 of them lose on the first pokemon and the 3rd one wins the whole thing for him then he releases the pokemon that lost and the other one refuses to battle
    that would show paul
  19. scizor08

    scizor08 Back here. >.<

    He's rude but he's pretty cool, and I think he will be like Gary at the end of Sinnoh...
  20. Pearl's Perap

    Pearl's Perap Well-Known Member

    Paul is an EXCELLENT character, my most definite favourite in the animé currently, I just love his attitude towards Ash, the totally opposite type of person and all that.

    I want to see him with a Monferno soon, not so much an Infernape, though I know that wont come yet, he still has to obtain his Murkrow.

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