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What are your Top 10 Least Favorite Episodes of Journeys and Why?


I'm not even sure where the hell I would even rank Alain vs Leon. I don't hate it nearly as much as others here do (since I was never really that invested in Alain as a character) but I agree it's definitely one of the worst episodes in terms of pacing and the fact that he should've battled Ash instead

Dis-Honorable mention
Not one episode, but the entirety of sobble’s evolution arc was just dumb and contrived
I like the idea of where it seemed like they were going with this.

A Starter trying to rush to get to it's final stage but has to overcome the middle stage that it didn't know it had first, is a good and unique idea on paper.

But it was just really badly executed. Like really really fawking bad


Yare Yare
No particular order:

1) JN101. What was the point of a Grookey filler? Like development,hello?

2) JN059. Still a controversial and weird episode in my book in terms of capture

3) JN030. Pikachu is OCC, so was Ash

4) JN104, the battle was so bad in my opinion.

5) JN115, see number 4

6) JN009, the clickbait was high in this one

7) JN049. The start of the downfall of Koharus character.

8) JN006. It was aweful to see Gou catches Pokémon for 20 minutes straight

9) JN081. Blue is eh

10) JN070. Morpeko is SO annoying


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Mewtwo...they just had to ruin the sole Pokemon with character in a show about Pokemon


Kaleido Star FOREVER in my heart <3
The sm episodes and the ep where Goh hunts and catches a sacred legendary from its temple


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1) JN009/The Ho-oh episode: just boring.
2) JN030/The Pikachu jealousy episode. Completely OOC for him and even as someone who doesn’t like Riolu, it being mad @ Ash for taking time to train a literal baby instead of his strongest/most experienced is weird.
3) JN031/Feebas episode: boring
4) JN070/Morpeko catch episode: I just hate Morpeko lmao
5) JN079/Johto Eeveelution episode: Most boring Koharu episode which is saying a lot
6) JN081/Blue Maniac episode: Why did I waste half an hour of my life watching this? It’s not even boring. It just…happened?
7)JN086/AshvsBea finale: Terrible battle and conclusion to their rivalry.

There’s some (dis)honorable mentions like the first ten episodes and some of the DD arc but those aren’t as bad as the above 7. Plus I’m not really looking to rewatch so many episodes to just pick the 3 worst ones out.


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PM2019 053
PM2019 032 (boring Goh-only episode)
PM2019 059
PM2019 094 (Erika's cameo wasted on pointless Goh Pokemon romance)
PM2019 041
PM2019 028
PM2019 048
PM2019 036
PM2019 049 (This was the point when Chloe pretty much abandoned Yamper to become a full-time Eevee shill)
PM2019 030 (What the heck was Pikachu's problem in this one?)

Dishonorable mentions: PM2019 006, PM2019 022, PM2019 64, and all Project Mew episodes
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no particular order

1) lucario and cinderace. it was forced
2) the marshtomp episode. trash
3) pikachu the crybaby. pikachu does NOT act like that
4) i love tr and was glad that they got something- but i didn't like the radio episode
5) the ho-oh episode. boring
6) the diglett episode. completely forgot about it. only reason i'm able to list it is because i'm looking through the list of episodes lol
7) gulpin episode [i liked the turtwig/chewtle segment though]
8) plusle and minun. it's just an episode that exists. don't really have anything substantial to say about it lol
9) didn't really like the second slowking episode. the first one was cool though
10) the ampharos episode. i liked that sophocles came back but the episode itself is meh