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What are your Zodiac signs?

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Pearl on Phone
Scorpio. Which makes another reason Venipede was the 2'nd mon I caught in White. Serioisly, yes I caught my Zodiac and trained it well.


Bibarel's adorable.


Not a tool
Sweet, even after the change I'm still Sagittarius. Even though the change wouldn't affect me anyway, I think it's great. And as for Chinese stuff, I was born in the year of the boar. Screw you fancy dragon people, I can find truffles whenever the heck I want.


Unless you live in the East, it doesn't change anything.


~Setting Sail~
I'm the Libra that balances all things out, in both ways.

My birth stone is a sapphire. Wait...May relation much?

Year of the dragon for me. Yay.
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The Awesomnator
I was born on teh Leo and Virgo cusp, but I've always been way more of a Leo ^^ LION POWA xDDD


Flabebe's Kids
My sun sign is Leo, and my moon sign is Pisces. Not that I take atrology nonsense really seriously, but it can be kind of neat and interesting to read about and stuff.

So what are your signs?
There's a different zodiac for the moon/sun?

I'm a Pisces, even with the new sign.


Back in the meantime
I'm a Libra. But if you count the new sign, the I'm under Virgo. My Chinese zodiac I think is the dog.

Honestly, I don't believe in Zodiac signs and astrology whatsoever.


Est sularus oth mith
I'm Pisces and my Chinese zod sign is Horse! Fire horse to be more specific... Yup! I was born in the year of Rapidash!