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What Ash shipping?

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by DittoDude, Feb 22, 2011.


What Ash shipping?

  1. Pokeshipping

    203 vote(s)
  2. Advanceshipping

    109 vote(s)
  3. Pearlshipping

    107 vote(s)
  4. Negaishipping

    46 vote(s)
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  1. DittoDude

    DittoDude The King of Town.

    I prefer Pokeshipping.
  2. Vycksta

    Vycksta Well-Known Member

    A reason as to why would have been :awesome:, but I'll keep this open. Unless people start a war.
  3. I prefer Pokeshipping, just because its classic and junk. I prefer Dawn and May with other people. Negaishipping comes in second place though; I'm liking their interactions so far, because they're a bit reminiscent of him and Misty.
  4. EzzPeon

    EzzPeon just a passerby

    I will go for Negaishipping. It's yaycake cute how they interact.
    Good old Pokéshipping comes second.
  5. DittoDude

    DittoDude The King of Town.

    I would like to point out that there are no major Misty shippings other than Pokeshipping, but May has Drew, and Dawn has Kenny and Barry, and Iris kinda has Trip
  6. Victorian Rush

    Victorian Rush Well-Known Member

    If Twinleaf is a major Dawn shipping and Flavescent is a major Iris shipping, then Egoshipping is a major Misty shipping. Just saying.

    I voted for Pearlshipping.
    I prefer May with Drew, Misty with Tracey, and Iris with Cilan (is that his name? I'm used to calling him Dento) so that just kind of leaves Dawn.
    Plus, Ash and Dawn were so close during the DP saga and Pearl was the first shipping I ever truly supported, how could I not pick it? It's so cute and IMO, Ash and Dawn are made for each other.
    So yeah, for me, it's Pearlshipping for me.
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2011
  7. Angry Ancestor

    Angry Ancestor Well-Known Member

    Advance. I feel like Ash and May would be a perfect couple.
  8. Lord Zant

    Lord Zant Two jobs. ugh

    ^This guy knows where it's at. I voted Advance too.
  9. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    Orangeshipping was a very popular alternate ship for Misty back when Advanced Generation was airing.

    Most of the specials have Tracey visiting Misty at the Gym.
  10. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I voted for PokeShipping. Apart from being nostalgic, I really enjoyed the chemistry between Ash and Misty. They always teased each other and they say that when two people tease each other constantly, it means that they actually have deep feelings for one another. There were some other minor hints as well, though I rather not list them all haha. Anyway, I've tried giving the other Shippings a chance and I found them all to be very interesting. However, there is only enough room in my heart for one Shipping, and PokeShipping has taken that place.
  11. -beautifly-

    -beautifly- Well-Known Member

    I think Negaishipping is cute!! :D So is Pearl and Poke, I like May with Drew so I don't support Advanceshipping.
  12. swampert55

    swampert55 Well-Known Member

    I'll take Advance, please. Besides being very cute, Ash and May have the best dynamics out of all main characters. I kind of sympathise with the Pokeshippers, however, as Misty's been gone so long. I despise Drew so I don't support Contestshipping.
  13. JennaJayfeather

    JennaJayfeather jflkdjkfgjafgaf

    I voted for PokeShipping (ironic coz of my sig-- or used to be sig XD). I like May with Drew, Dawn with Paul/Barry (not sure yet) and Iris with Dento.
  14. blondekid15

    blondekid15 Pokéshipper

    I voted for Pokeshipping, I'm in love with it. May and Drew are perfect together and I'm in between pairing Dawn with Kenny or Paul (I know Ikari isn't that hinted at but I can't help it, lol) Oh, and I'm loving Wishfulshipping ^^
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2011
  15. JetshipperKekkaishi

    JetshipperKekkaishi High School DxD Fanatic

    Pearlshipping for me.May and Drew work for me.Misty and Gary click together and Iris and Dento are awesome together.Poke and Negai are cute too.But if I had to chose it would be Pearlshipping.I never seen a close relationship like that ever in the Pokemon series. :)
  16. Chaos Emperor

    Chaos Emperor ................

    Pokeshipping FTW!
  17. Nostalgic Hybrid

    Nostalgic Hybrid Judged By Username

    If Penguinshipping and Twinleafshipping are major Dawn ships, then Orangeshipping is a major Misty ship.
    And I wasn't aware that Iris and Trip have had enough interaction to be remotely considered a rival to Negai.
  18. eryyy

    eryyy Ace Trainer

    If you can consider Penguinshipping and Twinleafshipping major Dawn-shippings and FlavescentShipping a major Iris-shipping, then Orangeshipping and Egoshipping are major Misty-shippings. Just saying.

    I voted for Pearlshipping.
    First of all, they look super cute together. Dawn wore a cheerleading outfit for some of Ash's gym battles; neither Misty or May went to such lengths to cheer him on, I can't count the number of times they've high fived and there's High Touch, which is just the ultimate Pearlshipping hint, IMO.
    I also really really think May and Drew belong together and I also really love Wishfulshipping and Orangeshipping as well.
    So yeah, IMO, Ash and Dawn belong together.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2011
  19. floracat

    floracat Give me your food.

    I'm a Negai shipper. I'm one of those people who'll change ships as time goes on. I got into Pokemon at the end of the Advanced Generation series. At that time, I was an Advanceshipper, or at least I think I was. At that time, I was 9, I didn't know about shippings, I didn't see too many Pokemon episodes, and I got into it right as it was ending. The only reason I was an Advanceshipper is because I saw this thing on Youtube about Advanceshipping. And again, I didn't know too much about Pokemon. Now, after alot of debating and thought, I'm now a Contestshipper. I moved after the 4th generation came out, and with all the change, I lost interest in Pokemon. I got MAJORLY interested a few years later, and then I learned more about Pokemon, and got obsessed. Then, I accidentally stumbled on the Anime Shipping list on bulbapedia, and I learned about Pearlshipping. Seeing all their hints, I decided to look at some of those episodes and got hooked. But now, DAWN LEFT!!! I lost faith in Pearlshipping [I know, I'm shallow]. So now, I'm a Negiashipper!!!!! They're so cute together, and they've great hints for only 20 episodes together. I'm a major Negaishipper now, and I HOPE I won't change when the series is over. Hope, but I probably will. As for Misty, I don't even ship her with any body. Misty's gone, shame.
  20. BlueDragonfangirl

    BlueDragonfangirl Well-Known Member

    It was a hard choice, between Negai and Pearlshipping but I choose Negaishipping they are so cute together, just love there interaction.
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