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What attracts you to guys/girls?

I really have no fixed preferences, but dark eyes and hair are nice. I have this weird thing about hair..I just like it. Nice strong arms, And a nice smile....I won't go into anything else, though. (xD)

Personality wise...umm... Let's put this in a gradient:sweet, quirky, funny, protective, brotherly, confident

I really don't know, since everyone I've liked has been a little different. ^_^;;

I really think think I'd like someone I could talk with, and discuss humanity's folly with-yeah no. I'd like some one who's good with kids-just in case. You can tell a lot about someone when you see how they treat younger kids.. Someone who's a hugger..

This. Exactly like mine XD


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Small world! :)


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A sense of humor. Someone that at least has enough common sense. Someone that dont act dumb to be cute. I dont like girls that just dress up in dresses and says, I like girls that prefer jeans. :) Also, girls with dark hair are a must for me. Dont know why. Gotta be shorter than me, though thats not hard since Im 6'1. A girl that can be like a bestfriend, go missing with me, go hunting, fishing. Also likes music, that is a huge must. And Im a sucker for big dark brown eyes. And gotta have decent looks. A great personality to.
And it would be nice if they didn't make fun of my country accent. :(
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anyone that is easy to talk to-- i know somebody that is really cruel in a funny way and have no problem talking to her xD
..tall skinny scrawny people are very attractive too


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Maturity, loyalty, honesty, mellowness, and doesn't play people for fools.

That's all I ask for, really. Couldn't care less what their hobbies are or what they look like.


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What makes you so sure you'll be able to make a rabbit walk on two feet in three years?

Perhaps my well-worded vernacular has befuddled you (or myself, by the looks of my logical fallacies.) Please refer to the section on C. Vulpes Vulpes.

And how? Well I don't need a real one, that's all you need to know.

In all seriousness, however, I like British Accents. I've always enjoyed the thought of somebody dramatically reading something as I type it.

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For some reason I find myself staring like an idiot at pretty looking girls.

Like Ill see a really pretty or beautiful looking thing(usually tends to be asian but thats besides the point) and the first thing ill notice is her face. Never mind the fact that theyre usually accompanied with nice legs for what ever reason but my eyes are seriously glued to girls with pretty faces.

Must be the moe influence


facial hair, obviously not the unkept kind. i don't want to be seen around with santa.


I have more to add to my infintesimally large list of attractive qualities.


And I don't mean a person showing interest, I mean a person actually being able to interest themselves into things, and actually having a strong interest in something that isn't typical. I don't think girls have to try too hard to be interesting these days (other than through the pressure to be good-looking), and, well, it makes it that much harder to find a girl who sets away from the trends. Well, it's definitely making it harder for me anyway, so I will speak for myself, if I must.

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I have a thing for pretty hair. Shiny hair, curly hair, or hair with a unique shade or shades just does it for me. I don't tend to find blonde hair attractive though, unless it's dirty blonde, because it lacks contrast, and blonde girls tend to straighten their hair too much. I like wavy or unruly hair, partly because that's how I roll, and I think most people that prefer their hair that way have kindred spirits. Other than that, in terms of physical appearance I've been attracted to women of all kinds, from 16 to 80, near anorexic to obese, black/white/asian/hispanic/islander/indian/arab/mixed, short to tall, super nerdy to hyper athletic, shut-in to life of the party, flat-chested to DD and beyond, supernaturally happy to borderline suicidal. I've never really dated, though, so I have no idea what my dating preferences would be. I think maybe for there to be more than a couple of dates, she would have to be a consequentialist, that is, to realize how large the world is and how insignificant we are in it but that nevertheless everything we do matters. Someone who doesn't accept things at face value, who questions authority and tradition, but not just to be a rebel, but because an unexamined life is not worth living. Someone who isn't complacent about things, who cares about the world around them. Oh, and I couldn't care less about her body as long as she has a nice face.

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All my previous girlfriends I have clicked with because we shared a mutual hatred for things, so I guess that's my rather strange appeal factor. If a girl shares my negative stance on the government, or hates Twilight with as much passion as I do, I'm all over her.


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Well, personality-wise, I like a person who is more extroverted than I am. I'm somebody who is usually pretty shy and nervous (although I don't cower in response to it--I usually go on the defensive and avoid eye contact and sometimes have a tendency to come off cold when really I'm just anxious lol), so having somebody else who is more outgoing/a natural people person usually will rub off on me and in turn make me more relaxed in my experience. I need somebody who has a sense of humor (granted it's very easy to make me laugh, so there's no trouble there usually) and they need to be able to understand how I communicate. I'm very sarcastic and snippy in a playful way--they need to know not to take it seriously. I like a person who is passionate about things and it'd be even better if we shared some of those interests and were able to get excited together.

In a physical sense, I have interest in girls more often than guys, but there is an interest in both. For girls, my taste is far wider. I don't even know where to start other than I have a thing for curves. Nice hips & thighs especially. I like all types of hair colors and styles be it from a pixie cut in the darkest shade of brown to blonde hair down to her waist. It just depends on the individual person.

For guys, I'm much pickier (which sucks because on an emotional level, I vastly prefer intimacy with guys). I prefer clean shaven 9 times out of 10 and longer kept hair, usually. I generally go for fair skinned guys. Preferably not super tall simply because I'm very petite (5'1").


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I don't have any specific guidelines or checklists, but the people who... "interest" me tend to share some things in common. First, someone who is pretty good-looking. A fun, sincere, truthful personality is great. It doesn't really matter to me that much, but I like girls who are decently tall. Someone who understands me and wouldn't judge me poorly is great. Probably one of the biggest things is just someone who can also act like a best friend, easy to talk to, can make me laugh, I can be honest with. I don't have a big preference on things like eyes and hair. Body-wise, it isn't a huge deal, but some "curves" are always nice. Now, if only someone like that would find any interest in me...