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What career do you want to have.

I'm looking at doing a double major in Finance and Linguistics, so I'm not really sure yet. I don't think the two subjects overlap very much (if at all).
I'd like to either do some **** with computers (either doing database, or hitting them with sledgehammers to fix viruses), or become a psychiatrist (because the idea of telling people that all their problems are their mother's fault sounds very appealing). Would LIKE to.

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I want to be a Theoretical Physicist. Currently I have finished my 3rd year undergraduate in that field


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singer, superfamous and rich, if that doesnt turn out well, writer, also superfamous and rich, if that fails too, scientist, who invents something awesome to make me rich. and so on...

rich isnt really the hardest part, becoming famous is harder :p but really, i want to be a famous singer so badly, and writer at the same time. i know, people think its never gonna happen, but did megan fox friends know she was gonna be a supersexy famous actress, probably not.
Currently majoring in forensic anthropology.


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But if not, I'll settle for mangaka or just a simple character designer for a game company. Probably Square, seeing how that the only one that seems to fit my style.
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For some reason, I want to be a police officer even though it's a dangerous job. It just seems more exciting than a lot of other jobs out there.

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List of careers I would be interested:

TV/Film producer



Critic (I'm quite a good critic, I'm good at... being critical)

Other things that aren't coming to mind.


Well, I'm studying Lighting Design at a theatre conservatory. So.. that.

Not that I have to do theatre. I could do concerts, corporate gigs, architectural lighting, amusement part lighting.. etc. etc. I really love working on musicals though, and lately I've been curious about opera lighting, so I'll probably end up doing something in that vein. Don't think I want to work on Broadway though. I wanted to at one point, but now I don't think I'd like it as much as I initially figured. At the moment I'm planning on staying in Chicago after graduating and putzing around here for shows.
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I graduated from an technical school for 3D animation. So before I go to University of Advanced Technology (my goal is Master's Degree) for the actual study, I'm going to a community college to get my English and Math out of the way.

I want to work on movies for kids, much like what DreamWorks and Pixar does. Even if it means I have to move out of state, that's what I wish to do. I might have to work with video games for a while, though, before that happens.

But now that I think of it, if animator isn't an available space when I send in the résumé, I'd like to be a character designer or modeler. I apparently do "really damn well" at modeling faces than the actual animation (though I have good animation skills as well).