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What colour do you find most attractive in others?

What hair colour do you find most delicious?

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Grand Arbiter II
What hair colour do you find most alluring in other peoples?
Personally I'm a sucker for brown, black and dark red haired women...

Corroded Arceus

Shiny Hunter
Dark brown. Y'know, the really deep, dark brown that almost looks black?


Pampering Vaporeon..
It really depends on the situation. I kind of appreciate them all.
Except fake hair, extentions, wigs, etc. I like natural hair.
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Vintage much?
Natural hair colour doesn't matter. I would love grey-blue eyes.


Grand Arbiter II
^ Right on fellow Red Hair Lover! ^


Flabebe's Kids
I don't find hair delicious at all. However, I do find brown and blonde hair attractice, as is black hair depending on the person. Red hair depends on the shade, which is ironic because I'm strawberry blonde.


Well-Known Member
I wouldn't know, because I'm not a racist.

How is hair colour racist?

To answer the RIGHT way: i'd say it doesn't really matter to me.
If theres a girl that likes me for who i am, i'd be happy with that. :D
Not that thats ever gonna happen...


The darker and straighter, the better.


Well-Known Member
The darker and straighter, the better.
Same here, though red and white colour isn't bad with it either.