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What could I replace Gardevior with?


Hasty Ho Oh
Ive been playing my ruby ganme for a while now..

And i have gotten to the point where my Gardevoir can no longer cope..

My team is currently

Pelipper (soon to be replaced by Salamence)

And Gardevoir....NOw i was thinking electric...but then again, if i change peliper for Salamence i would want a carvahna (for surf)...

se the conundrum i have...

I cant for the life of me think who would be best to go into the team that would work...A Physchic/electric type would be perfect....coz flygon can learn fly...but then i need surf....:S

So maybe a Water Electric, so that would mean Lanturn.....which could have both flash and surf....Hmmm

Now i kno i havent given u movesets and the like, but i am asking a poit blank question what would work in that team the best instead of Gardevoir?



Gardevoir? It’s not a weak Pokémon by any means. I don’t see why you need to replace it. You don’t have a major Ghost or Dark weak, and Gardevoir can help you against Alakazam which pretty much destroys the rest of your team.

Also, don’t use any HM moves on your main Pokémon except for Surf. All the other HM moves are bad. Teach HM moves to Pokémon you’re not going to train.


Hasty Ho Oh
Well on my Sapphire game i found it slowly loosing power compard to the rest of my team...I use it for the battle tower now with Metagross and Flygon.

And no, i will have HM's in my team. Because my teams are USEABLE! I not going to have some sap that can learn most of the HMs....Thats not on.

Aggron can ake out Alakazam easily...Alakazams are destroyed by physical moves....and i have to sa that Aggron may have low speed, but with a nature tht boosts spcl def and lowers speed, he would survive a physchic move and launch a super powerful one.....And nething with reasonable spcl def and speed cn take out a Alakazam...IMO its not all its cracked to be..give me Gengar anyday.



Just don’t give HM moves to your Pokémon. It’s bad training and you’ll make your Pokémon sad. :(

Also, don’t put two Dragon types on the same team. Along with Sceptile, you’ll have a 3x weakness to Ice, which is bad.

If you don't want Gardevoir anymore, get something with high Special Defense. Regice or Dusclops work well.


Hasty Ho Oh
Well for one HMs wont make them sad...lol...

Hmmm Regice...my mates sees using ledgends as cheating XD...I think ill go hunitng for a dusclops...Or something else high in Spcl Def, would an Umbreon work here? Or can it not learn the amount of good moves Dusclops can?

V true about the dragon types...I would of switched flygon for Sharpedo if i had gone the Salamence route....


Dusclops has awesome Sp. Def and an amazing annoyer. Will-O-Wisp with Confuse Ray = Pwnage



Umbreon can’t attack at all (or shouldn’t attack at all), while Dusclops can.

Dusclops @Leftovers
Careful Nature
-Shadow Ball
-Seismic Toss/Focus Punch
-Pain Split/Rest



Seismic Toss is a must.
I have a Gardevoir and it kills Well, that wasnt such a smart descision...but if you want one i suggest you should have either a Metagross or a Milotic


Onions? Where??
no need for replace


Hasty Ho Oh
But it imo has weak moves...maybe my fault..


Docile Nature
Secret Power <-- Def needs replacing!

What about a Slakoth/Slaking? He has immense HP and attack...Is he a better option? COuld be...
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Frost Nova

The predator awaits.
Ah, I see why it's lagging behind. Simply put, the moves suck.

Gardevoir@lefties / Lum Berry
Modest Nature
- Calm Mind
- Psychic
- T-Bolt
- Will-o-Wisp / Ice Punch / Fire Punch

Trait: Trace / Synchronise

Learn to appreciate the power of stat up moves. Calm Mind is great on anything decent that learns it, and since Gardy learns it by level up, give it to her. W-o-W helps her survive longer by crippling the attacking power of physical sweepers, but the elemental punches work well by giving you more diversity. Both traits are sweet, but I personally prefer Trace. It can get you in some pretty sweet situations such as switching in against a Vaporeon's Surf. Synchronise works best with a Lum Berry.

If you plan on using Slaking replace one of your physical sweepers: this guy is built to hit and run with his trait, so use it as a Choice Bander.

Slaking@Choice Band
Adamant Nature
- Earthquake
- Return
- Shadow Ball
- Fire Blast / Aerial Ace

The first three moves are pretty self explainatory. Return for STAB, EQ for Steels and generally hits hard, Shadow Ball for ghosts. Despite what some may say Hyper Beam is still bad on Slaking: it's built to hit and run, and Hyper Beam prevents you from switching afterwards. But it's ingame: I suppose it could work, so use it if you want to. Return is still better than Hyper Beam. The last move is up to you: Fire Blast kills Skarmory, while Aerial Ace is there if you're afraid of getting haxed.
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Frost Nova's set is what I use except I use Ice Punch instead of Wil-O-Wisp. Trace IMO is better than syncronize, but thats my opinoin

Frost Nova

The predator awaits.
T-Bolt + Ice Punch = BoltBeam

Which cover everything for neutral damage except for Lanturn, Magneton and Shedinja.


Hasty Ho Oh
Ah interesting....I mite stick with it now..Ill teahc it thunderbolt...Maybe Ice Beam also...But i want to teach pelliper ice beam...


Vegetable of Doom!
Well then, it's a good thing Gardevoir can't learn Ice Beam, otherwise you might have had to make a difficult decision! It can, however, learn Ice Punch from a Move Tutor in the Battle Frontier.


Well then, it's a good thing Gardevoir can't learn Ice Beam, otherwise you might have had to make a difficult decision! \

Lol so true.

Also, don’t waste an Ice Beam TM on Pelipper. You’re gonna be replacing it anyways.


I am the game
Get a metagross, milotic or Alakazam if you dont want your gardeviour so much.


Hasty Ho Oh
Why not have Ice Beam on Peliper? It has a Rash nature which boosts spcl attack. Its aweosme. It pwned Winona.



Read what I posted. Ice Beam is a great TM , but you’re gonna be replacing Pelipper anyways since it’s crap so save Ice Beam for another Pokémon.

And of course you pwned Winona with Ice Beam since Flying types are weak against Ice. That’s a no-brainer.