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What did you evolve your eevee into in XD?

What did you evolve eevee into in XD?

  • Flareon

    Votes: 54 12.4%
  • Jolteon

    Votes: 96 22.0%
  • Vaporeon

    Votes: 82 18.8%
  • Umbreon

    Votes: 74 16.9%
  • Espeon

    Votes: 131 30.0%

  • Total voters


Master owner
Espeon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PSYCHIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;196; ;196;


The Ultimate Absol~
I evolved mine into Jolteon;135;.

Manene out;manene;

Edit: Yay! Earth Trainer!


Nintendo WII>>>You
I evolved mine into flareon

Yoru Ryu

First time i chose Vaporeon. It's HP saved my arse numerous times. Went for Jolteon the second time though.


lots of luv!
The first time, my eevee evolved into Umbreon.
On my second file, it became an Espeon.


Out of a crazy mind.
First time, it was Flareon. Didn't like it. Restarted and chose Jolteon. Well I didn't restart, it was just that my brother erased the data.

Vaporeon. VERY bad move. Believe me.

I'm opting for Espeon or Flareon in my next playthrough, if any. :D


Power of the mind
I wen't with Espeon. I just love Espeon.


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Staff member
I evolved mine into Flareon, though I like Vaporeon better, but I since I never used a Flareon since gold, I decided to train one on this game.
I evolved mine into Flareon since it was one of the two eeveelutions I didn't train yet and I like my starter to always be a fire type. It ended up being my best pokemon on XD that could take most opponants down with a single Quick Attack. And yes, I did say Quick Attack. The fact that Flareons normally have a high attack, mine has an Adament nature, and mine being about 10-20 levels higher than the opponant helped.


Eh, ragazzo!

I like it and Espeon evenly, but I went with it because of the "dark" theme of XD.