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What did you evolve your eevee into in XD?

What did you evolve eevee into in XD?

  • Flareon

    Votes: 54 12.4%
  • Jolteon

    Votes: 96 22.0%
  • Vaporeon

    Votes: 82 18.8%
  • Umbreon

    Votes: 74 16.9%
  • Espeon

    Votes: 131 30.0%

  • Total voters


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My sister evolved mine into an Espeon. She didn't even tell me when she evolved it.


I dunno lol
w00t Joteon!!!:)

Me, I chose Jolteon, (n00bish tone) 'CaUsE i'M juST CooL lIEk DaT...lol

...In all seriousness though, I already had an Espeon and Umbreon both somewhere around (over) level 70, I have a flareon from Fr&Lg, I've already trained too many fire-types (lol:)), and I like Jolteon better than Vaporeon. No offense vaporeon-lovers, but I just like Jolteon better. This turned out to be the correct decision for me, and I kicked peoples a**es with Jolteon; or rather...pwneon:D. Yep, Jolteon kicked some Cipher butt!

w00t Jolteon!


I chose Espeon (of course). It's my favorite evolution of Eevee. Even though I already got an Espeon and Umbreon from Colosseum, I still chose Espeon.


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Jolteon, both times, because I messed up on the first one and didn't teach it the right moves.
I evolved mine into a Vaporeon! It's the second prettiest Eeveelution after Espeon. ^^ Espeon is still the best one for me. =D Anyway, Vaporeon is actually doing a great job for me. ^^


What 'bout My Star?
I evolved mine into a Jolteon first time, and Espeon Second
-Espeon is the best Psycic pokemon in the Game
-The Hexagon Brothers all have better versions of the others (Houndoom totally beats both Umbreon and Flareon,Ampharos beats Jolteon, Spheal beats Vaporeon[By beats, I mean has better moves/stat placement{How the stats are in each area, especially where they are most needed}])

Tropical Spirit

YAY! Original>You =3

Why? Because it's my favourite. In other files I've also had Flareon and Jolteon, though.

Really, it doesn't take a genius to figure that Vaporeon and Umbreon are bad moves. :\
Tropical Spirit said:
Really, it doesn't take a genius to figure that Vaporeon and Umbreon are bad moves. :\
I just wanted to try... D: *Is stupid*

Whimpers aside, guess I should try Flareon next. It's the Eeveelution I've neglected the most. XD.


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I evolved mine into Flareon that I could trade it into emerald...
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Umbreon after all I love Umbreon... the other reasons are that I like Dark types and like pokemon with high defense...

Timid Kyogre

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Vaporeon. I wanted to choose Umbreon, but I thought it wouldn't help as much as Vaporeon would. I thought I'd probably choose Espeon, but I wanted a change since I have a lv.100 Espeon in Colosseum. I must say, Vaporeon wasn't really a bad choice. It helped me in a few battles with its high HP, but still, Espeon helped me more in Colosseum, but I wanted to try. A change or something.

~Timid Kyogre
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Vaporeon. Her high HP definitely helped me out in certain battles (Though I haven't reached THAT far in the game since I just got it) and definitely, I was dying to use her since I haven't used her in quite a long time.


Infinity's got 23
I evolved XD Eevee into Vaporeon. Despite my general rivalry state towards water Pokemon, I had already raised a Flareon to 100. And I don't see how Vaporeon is a bad move, I can imagine having a tough time without Vaporeon's crazy HP

Flame Haze SnS

I evolved my Eevee into Espeon. It's my fave furry of Eeveelution! Plus, it has high special attack.


Charmingly Cynical
I picked Umbreon, but not long after I slightly regretted it when I put Houndour/Houndoom into my line up. Gardevoir is nice enough, but I'd prefer my average Pokemon to have a little more punch and a high threshold of actual damage they can take.


Well, I evolved mine into Vaporeon every time I started over, though now I evolved it into Espeon. :'D on my other memory card, it's vaporen.


I evolved mine into Jolteon. It totally thrashed them. Jolteon had quite a variety of moves, so I chose it. Like Double Kick, Pin Missle... those gave me an edge against different types.