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What did you get for Christmas?

Prince Umbreon

Starfish and Coffee
A $25 card for GameStop. Prolly gonna put it towards either Ocarina of Time 3D or Majoras Mask 3D when it comes out.
2 iPhone cases: a very durable Kanto Pokedex one, and a slightly more lightweight Creeper one.
A PokeBall shaped coffee mug.
Totoro pajama bottoms.
A 'coffee prescription' coffee mug. Huehue.
Tickets to go see 'The Hobbit: BotFA' and 'Big Hero 6'.
$40 cash.
A huge plate of fudge.
A beautiful dream catcher that my brother made.

I actually got a lot more than I expected. The coffee mugs and dream catcher were my favorite though.


I got a Giraffe sleepineg onsie...IDK what it is called but its fricken' ridiculous. A giraffe pattern ring, stuffed giraffe...Ahhh! I told my parents if I actually have a use for what your getting me I am considered an adult...I messed up a little bit there


What do I do now?
A violin, two Gamestop gift cards (Idk the amount, I need to check), and a bunch of sweaters.


Fire Starter
Two new knives, a soft wolf blankie, earrings, Legend of Zelda necklaces, glasses (finally, I can see further than 5ft now!), a couple books, fuzzy socks, and I bought myself a Pokemon wallet :3