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what did you name your characters in D/P?

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I'm clueless ♥
Since this was my first real Pokemon game,I don't count Colleseum(and anyway,I stunk at that game since I just caught cute pokemon,or pokemon I liked,and didn't know about move...stuff),I was so excited!
So excited I couldn't think of a name for my main character.

So I named my girl,Diamond.

My rival,is Markus. =3 I like that name for him.
....Luca's,was named Luca's of course,you can't change his name(and I wouldn't change it,it's cute!)

Edit: In Platinum,I shall name myself...Pickles!
It goes with my soon to be written fanfic =3 Maybe I'll name my rival Danny,but it doesn't matter since Pickles calls him all sorts of names.
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The Sun Will Rise~
I named myself Nick, my girl Star, and my rival Austin.

There was a reasoning behind naming her Star, but I can't remember what that was, now.

Excitable Boy

is a metaphor
I named myself Ari (for the 5325814598968910650th time in a row) and my rival Mista.
Rival: Jasper (mhmm. I was reading Twilight at the time ;) When I saw the blonde hair I was like, 'Jasper! That's Jasper!')


Etecoon Trainer
My character is Julia

my rival is Gareth


Well-Known Member
i named my guy domenic.
my rivals name is markus. i didn't feel like making his name.

Count Drosselmeyer

You never saw me.
Josh in Pearl, because that was what I named my character in Silver. Completely random name, but it stuck, so now when I battle people they all think my name is Josh. :p Oh, and I named my rival Pierre. Nice cliche French name.

I'm going to choose the girl in Platinum, and name her Cassie. Once again, that was the name of my character in Crystal, where I also chose the girl. Good times.


Hey~ I'm back~
Myself, Frexel
Rival : Richard (No reason, I just like the name Richard, also the name of my Charmander in FR)


The Pokémon Trainer
I always name my the player after myself, so it's name is Bart (common name here in the Netherlands).
I named the rival Dusk to match with Dawn (I pictured them as boy and girlfriend and wanted them to have a matching name :'D).


shadow trainer
my name:pedro
rival name:barry


I normally name them rude words and the main character something like I suck which causes funny sentences to happen through the game (like: How about it, I suck?)
but now it's *angry* because i accidentaly eraised my save file.


Shiny Enthusiast
I just name the character after myself so he's called Garry. I honestly can't remember what I called my rival.


kiss my greens
My name: Yami (I'm the guy, obviously.)
Rival: Damion (reminds me of a friend of mine...)
Girl: Dawn. Rar automatic name.

My name: Yuki (Girl this time)
Rival: Daisuke (cuz I like the name)
Guy: Lucas. Silly name. Doesn't go with the Japanese names I gave people XD
My guy in Diamond is - Hakio.
My rival in Diamond is - Samuno.
My girl in Sapphire is - Sam. (Short for my rival's name in Diamond)


< go ask alice >
Restarted Pearl, named myself, playing as the girl, Manda, coz it's one of my nicknames. Annnd I named the guy Spence because his personality quite reminds me of a friend of mine's, who is also named Spence.
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