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What did you name your rival in G/S/C?

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Unknown Master
He said his name was ???. That was in my first Silver version (stolen from me). In my second, he's Gold.


<-- Ain't it cute?
i didnt name him ???, but my cousin did. i used to always name him Mr.Butt because he was such a mean person. then i would name him stupid for above reasons, and also because one trainer says "Some (Insert Rival's Name Here) guy said my Pokemon were bad." this way, he would call him a stupid guy. (Some Stupid guy said my Pokemon were bad.)


I called him Lemon this time around (on crystal) =D

I just like to ruin his tough guy act by giving stupid names such as Nancy, Billybob, Lemon ect....


Silver in Gold and Crystal >:D
Wanted to name him Shigeru at first, but then I changed my mind. (I know, Shigeru=Gary, but still :p)


the very first time i called him gary, then i started calling him silver


have a drink on me
I thought ??? was his accuall name, until my friend told me that i could name him something else....
curse u police officer!!!!!!!


I liek mudkipz
Redhair :D


Professor Chaos
I can't even remember. That was almost 10 years ago. I know it was a villain name though. I always used to do that.


Sparkling Star
I named him Caroll like my best friend , don't blame me I thought he was she lol

Henshin Haku

..Shinra Tensei.
Through G/S, his name had always been 'Clyde.' (WOrst name for any child.) Eventually it became Silver in Crystal.


When I first got Silver, I thought you had to name him ???...Ya, I didn't realize that you could name him whatever you want until my buddy explained that to me

So in Crystal, I named him dumbyhead, Hey, I was like...8
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