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What did you name your rivals?


Chickity China
I always name my Rival, Douche.


The last playthrough I did of Leafgreen, my character was named Dahlia, so I named the rival Weed.

Though usually I have more respectful names for my rivals. Klin or Jet for Barry, Wander for Silver, etc. But I dislike the Kanto rival. :p


Well-Known Member
I've named them a lot of things, I've played the games over like 100 times each...wait...maybe more.

The recent games I've played and remember the names:
Crystal-???(He said his name was "???" who am I to give out a wrong name D: )

In Black and White I called the Bianca and Cheren :3, Bianca is the male and Cheren is the female >:3

Archangel Azazel

Fallen Angel
I mostly go by their original names, but sometimes I name them names that I like.. like Blake or something :p

Dragon Trainer X

I don't know why, but I named my rival Whoops. Only later did I realize...


<-- Starving dragon
Diamond,Pearl,Heart,Gold,Black whatever is opposite of me.

"Spite" DefaultAsAwesome

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**** **** ********* ******************************.
I just spammed asterisks, making you think I named them inappropriate stuffs :O
I just keep their names default.


Active Member
I usually give them the name Ash coz I like to beat him to a pulp.


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I always name my rival in Gold/HearGold Big Red. I don't know why. I usually name my rivals something like Loser or Stupid. Or I name them Tyler (after my brother).


THANKS, Hermione.
Chimney in Platinum
Davros in Soul Silver

Weedy Spyze

Well-Known Member
Usually I just give them their 'canon' names (Blue, Barry, etc.), same as I do for the protagonists. Although sometimes I'll get a bit creative if I don't really like that name much.


Team Awesome
Gary is always Gary. I could never name him anything else. Having him called Blue by default in HG and SS is just weird. o_O

For HG and SS, I've taken to calling the rival Baron. I first called him that with Crystal, and as much as I disliked pretty much everything else about Crystal (HG and SS are infinitely better) the name just stuck because I like it. So I've been calling him Baron ever since.
Diamond: Brandon (named after someone who was teasing me at the time I got Diamond, before it got stolen)
Platinum: AAAAA
SoulSilver: Andrew (A name I thought up)
Future White 2 Rival Name: Derek


Well-Known Member
I never really liked the idea of naming them something immature, so I always give them either a common name that seems to fit them or a canon name.