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What did you use your master ball on?

What did you use your master ball for?

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i was stupid enagh to use my masterball on groudon before i knew rayquzaz was availabe in the game and when i finally found rayquaza i thought to my self:"well theres no chance in hel im gonna catch him now so i might aswell just trow a ultraball." and i did not try attacking him i just trew a ultra ball right away cus i was low on utra ballls as well so i thoght:"even if i fight his hp down there is still low chanses it will suceed in 5 tries(i had 5 utaball) so i trew it and then to my surprise and my total delerious happyness i cought him on the first try with an ultraball without lowering his hp..............ahhhhh(basking in the glory of pwning ya all)

lol but seriouly i was overjoyous to that event but then when i came to think of it ive donr that twice i cought giratina the exact same way!!!
and it was in the pearl version where it is lvl 70 as supposed to platinum where he is only 47 so im AWESOMELY much cooler than yall

lol just kidding i bet there are a couple of ppls in this forum that have had this occur for them but nevertheess its awesome n_n

...What the hell?


lol sry

sorry for the long post but when i get into the mood i am unstoppable. n_n


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I cloned my Master balls. But only used them when I needed to. As in a really tough battle where the dang Pokémon wouldn't go into any other ball -- even after I had weakened it, put it to sleep, paralyzed it... etc. Basically once I had enough :p.
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I clone them.

I waited it out and now I use them to get the best natures for legendarys like Registeel and Groudon. It's cheap I know but it's so much easier.


Sapphire: Latias
Ruby: Latios
Emerald: Latios


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I used it on the lati's


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The first time in Ruby, I used it on Groudon, but then I realized that Latios has hard to catch so I just restarted my Sapphire and sent over a Master ball from there.
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I used it on Rayquaza. Big, big mistake right there.

I still hate myself to this day for doing that, since I still haven't been able to capture Latios.


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I haven't used my Master Ball on any Pokemon in Emerald yet. I'll probably use it eventually.

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Latios in ruby, Latias in sapphire, and Rayquaza in emerald.


I used mine on Latias, I got tired of it running away and boom, there you go. I caught all the Regi's with Great Balls, and the others with Ultraballs so why not.


Latias. I mean, yeah it does make the other Legendaries harder to catch, but they are still more of a sure thing that the Pokemon you sparingly come across.

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Lati@s. Im patient in catching pokemon but i didn't want to waste time on finding latias after it runs away
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