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What did you use your masterball on?

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I'm Baaaaack
i used it on zapados in fact back then i was 6-8 years old i thoght that was the only legendery back then


Game Hoarder
First time? I think it was on Raikou cause i had never seen it before and i never knew of it and i knew it was a legendary cause of the music and the fact that it had never appeared on the first route of the game.

Johto King

2nd gen all the way!
i used mine on entei


Fangirl =/= Weeaboo
Suicune. Every time in Crystal, I use it on Suicune.

...and that makes Eusine's comment on how epic the battle was sort of hilarious.

...What epic battle? I captured it instantaneously.


Bulbasaur line ftw
i used mine on lugia in gold


Well-Known Member
Silver - Ho-oh
Gold - Lugia

There were probably much better Pokemon I could've used it on, but hey. *shrugs*


I <3 Silver
I used it on Lugia (I played Pokemon Silver). I kinda regret using it, though I can't seem to find the legendary dogs...

Skia Lucrecia

Johto Trainer
I usually used it on the next legendary I found, cause if I didn't Id just keep saving it for something and after I would catch all the legendaries with Ultras that I would have this worthless ball. Happened many times in my Rby/gsc years.
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