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What do furries keep as pets?

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This took two days...​




Here it comes...


I love it. The shading is more than grand.
Is this a char. of yours, or just made up on the spot?
And what program did you use? Sorry, I'm a curious person... XD
EDIT: that Taigou kitten on your site is to die for! X3
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Thank you, though now that I look at it, I could've added SOMETHING to the walls... shading... decor...

I use mspaint. It was originally drawn on paper, but I scanned it in, lightened it, outlined over that, made it pure black/white, then colored it. The dude is Tobias the red panda, and he's mine.

Catapult Turtle

AbLªh GenerªL
I personally think adding decor to the wall would distract people from the picture.

That's really cute! Everything works well, and there's a great style in it. The only thing I have to say is that there's no shading under the pencils (unless of course they're floating). Red pandas are awesome!
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