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What do you breed?

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my curent project

eevees with wish yawn fake tears and curse
with certain hps

Trainer Emily

Fairies do exist!!!
Just recently finished the Timid Staryu with Wonderfully outstanding & x/x/x/31/x/31 IVs project from Emerald.

Next: Jolly/Adamant x/31/x/x/x/31 Dratinis, or some mixed ones with x/31/x/31/x/31, since I used the Male Bagon with x/31/x/31/x/31 IVs as father.

Already got a heap of good-IV'd Pokemon, including ones from year 2007 (from Emerald, since I have no D/P yet that time) and legends.

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I just breed whatever i have to. At the moment i'm mass-breeding Treecko's to put on the GTS. Mass-breeding for the GTS workds pretty well, especially since Treecko's seem to be in high demand :p At the moment i have hatched 4 of them, which i have named Ichigo, Renji, Byakuya and Kenpachi. I'm currently hatching another, which i will name Urahara if it is a boy, and Rukia if it's a girl.


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starters and other high demand pokemon


I breed...

I breed starters and Manaphy ! ;490;


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I'm trying to breed an acceptable Feebas right now. So far I'm okay with my Metagross and Salamence.

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Memorable Breedings:

-Budew Female Modest with Natural Care Ability, Extrasensory and Leaf Storm Moves-
I used Shiftry for the Egg Moves and a average Roselia.
I didn't had a Modest Female Roselia so it was difficult to get it with a Modest Nature.
Because I didn't knew the box trick to know what were the Eggs Nature and Ability I obtained quite a bunch of Budew. Five of them had a Timid Nature and only one was a Modest, luckily also was Female with Natural Cure.
I already traded the Timid ones and the rest are living in My Pokémon Ranch (they were the first ones to invade it).

-Female Togepi with Calm Nature and Serene Grace-
The Hell!!! I used a Male Togetic and a Calm Ditto.
Now I knew the box trick so I always hatched Calm/Serene Grace Togepi, but it doesn't help with the gender, and the probability of getting a Female Togepi is of 12.5 %.
I have many Male Togepi with Calm/Serene Grace.
At last I got "The One" and became happy... except that the next egg that I hatched was also a Female Togepi with Calm Nature and Serene Grace!!! Because it was way to extreme to get one, the second one is going to my future Platinum version.
If somebody wants a Male Togepi with Calm/Serene Grace you can have it for anything.
I'm currently trading them in GTS for regulars pokemon.

-"The Female Platinum Pokémon Team"- (Still deciding the Team Name)
I'm going to breed the Pokémon that are in my signature: Gardevoir (Ralts), Loppuny (Buneary), Mismagius (Misdreavus), Rosedare (Budew) and Froslass (Snorunt).
For Budew I used the Rosedare from my last breeding and a new Male Budew for the Egg Moves (Ironically it became Timid, What I have with the Timid Male Budew???).
Way too easier than the last time, now I have 3 Male Modest/Natural Care/Extrasensory/Leaf Storm Budew and Yet Another Timid/Natural Care/Extrasensory/Leaf Storm Budew (Seriously, what the hell???), and the fable Female Modest/Natural Care/Extrasensory/Leaf Storm Budew
I'm going to trade the Male Budew's for D/P Tm's.
For Buneary I used a Lv. 56 Male Hitmonchan for the Egg Moves Thunder punch/Ice punch/Fire punch/Sky Uppercut and a recently hatched Lv. 1 Adamant Buneary (Mm... maybe I'll get into legal problems for doing these kind of things).
Easy, got only two Adamant Run Away(in order to get Cute Charm when evolves) Buneary with Elemental Punches and Sky Uppercut from this incorrect relationship (Now is Lv. 16 but still...).
I'm gonna kept the younger one in Diamond and the older one (for 5 minutes) will become part of "The Female Platinum Pokémon Team" (Still deciding the Team Name).
I'm still deciding for Ralts, Misdreavus and Snorunt their Moves and Natures, but when its done, I will breed, EV train and transfer all of them to Platinum, when I get it.


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Right now, it's Kanto and Johto starters in an attempt to both get perfect IVs and certain moves, as well as certain natures (although I've already gotten females holding Everstones with every nature for each pokemon that I need except for Totodile). Afterwards, I'll be breeding all of my main party members from 3rd and 4th gen for the same purposes.


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well, im currently breeding the pokemon in my team, im done with duskull(dusknoir), next is snorunt (froslass). wish me luck! :D



Water Type Expert

Currently, I am breeding Lapras and Togepi. I mean, who doesn't want a Togepi who already knows Metronome to start with and a Lapras that has Perish Song at Lv. 1? My new business in Platinum will still be the same, but I'm going to start raising Milotics and Dragonites for trade. Hopefully all will go well.


New breeding projects underway.
In preparation for Platinum, I’m breeding for my main team.

Yanma, Nosepass, Tangela, Duskull, Togepi are my main five to breed for, as I’m unsure about the past poke.


My first ever breeding was Pichus :D back in Silver- I extra got a female Pikachu for that matter.
Now i breed starters mainly and whatever I need , or feel like.


Keep going, Jack \o/
I'm breeding a Little Cup team for PBR. I have already bred an Elekid and a Scyther. I'm Currently training two Lileeps to learn Stockpile, so I can pass it to the baby. the male knows Rock Slide and Recover, two egg moves.
Currently breeding for my wifi team. Just finished breeding and evolved weavile with ice punch. It took a while, but I finally got a female jolly one that I gave an everstone to, so all I had to do was check ivs. Checked about 12 of them before getting one with 29 iv speed and 30 in attack. Now I'm breeding adament/jolly dratini's that know dragon dance. In the meantime I'm trying to obtain as many rare candies as possible so I dont have to do the league thing again, which took about 2 weeks for me (and that was with weavile holding a lucky egg).


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I don't really breed, but when I feel like it I shiny breed. Shinys bred to date: 0. Lol it takes too long.


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right now I'm breeding for a shiny squirtle..... ugh, it is taking forever.... *sigh*

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Right now, I'm breeding Cyndaquil. I've been interested in training a Typhlosion for a while, so I'm glad I'm finally getting around to breeding.


Was breeding Feebas's earlier today. Got the 6 modest ones out of a batch twelve. Currently EV training the one that will be on my main team.
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