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What do you consider to be the better filler episodes and why?

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It seems like every discussion on Johto tends to have many agreeing that the show's weak points were the filler. And I'm in that camp myself, but not because I dislike fillers, but because the Johto fillers for the most part, consisted of the same exact formula:

- Ash and Company meet an insecure trainer.
- Team Rocket comes up with a plan to steal Pikachu or the Pokemon of the day, only to be blasted off for their efforts.
- Insecure trainer becomes confident thanks to AaC.

Now Pokemon isn't the pinnacle of originality, but filler episodes before and after have been a little more inventive. Some that I consider more creative or even just fun:

1. Path to the Pokemon: We get a CotD that's really confident, and it's really Ash who has the problem (being full of himself). AJ really stands out compared to some other fillers characters and arguably one that Ash should have had another encounter with.

2. Showdown in Dark City: The idea of two Gym having a feud for the rights of becoming an official gym was pretty unique and I don't think has been reused as of now. Plus we have the "tragic moment" of a ketchup bottle seeing it's untimely end.

3. Enlighten Up: Now this is a good example of a Johto filler done right. We get Ash and company trying top better themselves rather than the usual help CotD. Not to mention several fun moments like the trio trying to concentrate only to need prompting, and Ash doing his cleaning race against Jessie and James.

4. Love at First Flight: While it's not the most ground breaking episode, we get a variation on Brock's skirt chasing by having him compete with the CotD for the girl, and the awkward humor of him forgetting that he's going crazy for Ash (who was in his Ashley getup).

5. Malice in Wonderland: Well, having the main characters trapped in an illusion where their goals are accomplished hasn't been done before in the series, so yeah inventive. Plus there's no trainer of the day, nor does Team Rocket antagonize Ash and Company.

I might come up with some more later, but these ones stood out for the moment.

And if anyone can bring up more Johto filler that's inventive, I encourage it.
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