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what do YOU do in the bathroom?

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I shiit...

cookies kill you

Like a boss
pee and poo

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
I use that time for quiet reflection, and composing my latest novel.

Alpha Gamer

Strength & Strategy
Take showers, brush my teeth, wash my hands, look in the mirror, and dispose of bodily waste. But not exactly in that order.
I keep walking circles before I shave, being lost in my thoughts.
I masturbate, take neud photos for facebook, put a shaft in my mouth to clean my teeth, shiit, WASH HANDS, pee, shower, shave.


Brooklyn rage!
When I'm not doing everything already said I'm sitting by the sink listening to music. because no one bothers you when you in the bathroom.


<------ is hot!
Playing a game of Tetris using shit (as blocks) as each piece (from my anus) falls inside the toilet. And flush after each stack to 'clear lines'.

what he said

granbull guy

I walk in there and do the Jerk, no, what do YOU think I do when I'm in the bathroom


Pray to God.
Not open for further replies.