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what do YOU do in the bathroom?

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Go to the bathroom, Brush teeth, Shower, Wash hands, Masturbate, ect...
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Still Dirrty
Take mandatory drug test. :(
You'll never know.


I build my harpoon to kill the creature that took my leg club..
the white whale......


Stop laughing...
1st, weird topic.

2nd, I do the usual, on the toilet, near the sink, and in the shower.


Ya Soshla S Uma
I go to the bathroom, wash my hands, but I do NOT take a bath or shower. I never do that in the bathroom. Just weird.

That shower is in the basement for some reason, in the middle of the basement.


You ask too many questions
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I unleash the beast inside of me. He's always late on rent.
Are you some kind of pervert? Why do you ask this question?

If you have to know, I put on make up, brush my teeth, floss, polish my nails, take a shower (you like that don't you, sicko?), brush my hair, dry my hair, style my hair, dry off, get dressed before leaving the bathroom, and other normal things you're supposed to do in the bathroom. Sometimes, I hide in there to talk on wifi, so no one can hear me. I sometimes sing in the bathroom. OH, and I wash my hands!

[Odd...I had a dream last night that I accidentally walked into the guy's bathroom, when I walked out to go into the girl's bathroom a guy gave me a hug before going in. o_O]
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I brush my teeth and my hair, I wash my hands. I use the mirror a lot so I'm always in there.
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