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What do you do most on your D/P?

What do you do

  • Hunt For Shinies

    Votes: 115 14.9%
  • Train your pokemon

    Votes: 293 38.1%
  • Try To fill your pokedex

    Votes: 150 19.5%
  • Battle

    Votes: 87 11.3%
  • Breed

    Votes: 125 16.2%

  • Total voters


dragon trainer
i mostly do everything and i usually do the pokemon lottery and pokemon swarms :p
I pretty much breed my pokemon to get them just right but then end up with so many pokemon that I cant train them all.


Vintage much?
Try to win as many contests as possible with different pokemon


Terra Master
I haven't actually moved from the same area underneath the resort area pokecentre where I battle online. I don't need to. All that I do other than that is occasionally ev train, sometimes hatch eggs and rarely go to the GTS and lottery.

Metal Force

I'm currently doing breeding projects (good IVed and Hidden Powered Pokemon). Some of the bred Pokemon for me and some are for my hopefully soon shop in Smogon. I'm currently breeding Nincada (31/31 Atk/Spe and good HP/defenses and Yanma (31/31/31 Sp.Atk/Sp.Def/Spe HP Ice), but I do other things to besides breeding for fun, such as making a ROFL set, heading for the tower, getting random battles.etc


Usually, in Diamond, I can usually be found making a mono-type team, or just Breeding/Training a Pokemon that I feel like using in Wi-Fi. And it usually turns out that I just train individual Pokemon, and then make them into a team, contrary to planning a whole team out and making it perfect, which is what I probably should be doing.
Of course, my main Wi-Fi team did take planning and preparation, but you get the point.


Well-Known Member
IV training/breeding takes forever...


I have recently taken up Pokémon contests.

I've also realized that the difficulty curve becomes freakishly steep the moment you enter Master Rank. Currently vying for Master Rank Tough with my Piloswine.


Active Member
i just do contests