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What do you do to help the environment?

This question is pretty self-explanitory. What is it that you do to help out the environment? It can involve recycling, energy conservation, water conservation, etc.
For example: I recycle anything I throw away that is recyclable. For one thing, if I have an old magazine like an outdated pokemon magazine, I don't keep it; I recycle it. I know very well that the magazine will never be of any use to me again, and I don't horde them for the sake of "collector's value." Supply and demand says that when one person needs paper, they will get the paper from somewhere. That paper doesn't come out of the sky; it is either recycled or fresh from the tree. The more of these magazines I recycle after initial use, the more paper will be in recycling circulation and the less trees will have to be cut down.


That guy.
I leave on appliances when I don't use them, use Incandescent lights, and leave everything plugged in.

I also put my polls in the poll section, that's just common sense.


I use home made pesticides to avoid hurting animals along with the bugs:)


Genius Teenage Girl
I recycle all paper, all bottles and all cans
I use CFL lightbulbs
I use public transportation and carpool


Well-Known Member
I have a bucket in my shower.


I recycle all my bottles and cans, making sure the bottles have their caps off. :3 I also recycle paper. ...=D


Fluffy Piranhas

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I put trash in the proper receptacles, but that's about it. My little brother keeps saying that attempts to go beyond that are pretty much futile, and he has persuasive arguments... Not too fond of the idea of a fluorescent bulb breaking, either, what with the mercury and all.


Woof, meow, moo!
Our family recycles and also we don't drive unless it's for more than three things and if we really need to make a trip. So we save gas as well. Hehe.


The Abysswalker
I spit on my neighbor's lawn...

I recycle (though my mom makes me)...

And that's it.

Mimori Kiryu

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My family recycles cardboard, newspapers, plastic, and aluminum cans. We unplug things that we aren't using and stuff like that. We don't really do anything else.


Riddle in an Enigma
I go on an annual killing spree, clear cut forests (the EPA says they give off C02, which makes them a threat), and make fur out of Beavers (the 2nd animal that impacts its ecosystem the most). I do all of these while driving an SUV down the road 15 mph over the speed limit yelling "I CAN'T DRIVE 55" out the window.

Honestly, I'd love to help if there was a problem, seeing how there isn't one though, I'm content to live my life however I ****ing want.