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What do you do when you're bored?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Polls' started by Ludiking43, Jul 14, 2011.

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  1. Ludiking43

    Ludiking43 Forever Alone

    Just wondering wat u do when you're bored. Might give me ideas....
  2. Absol6028

    Absol6028 What did you say...?

    Sometimes when I get bored, I take a nap. If I'm not tired, I'll get my Ipod and listen to some music like I am right now. It's so hard not to headbang but I want to. I would if I was the only one home :3 If you don't wanna listen to music, you could try going for a walk or something. If you're not the 'athletic' and 'sportsy' type, you could right a FanFic :) That's always fun
  3. *IZ*

    *IZ* Well-Known Member

    lol i could tell youre bored because you make a lot of threads :p
    What i do is watch tv, go outside, play ps3/3ds, etc. You know the simple fun stuff
  4. metagrody6

    metagrody6 COMO UN JEFE

    Well in the end I usually have to eat something.
  5. Cranky Koala

    Cranky Koala My Custom User Title

    I just browse the interwebz. :p Or go outside with my dogs. So relaxing. :) Other than that, play Xbox, watch tv, the usual stuff.
  6. HyenaHaze

    HyenaHaze Serial Experiment

    Cook, wander around aimlessly, post on forums, re-read Uzumaki for the 485739587 time, drink, smoke, fight for my right to party.
  7. Blue Harvest

    Blue Harvest Banned

    During the day, do stuff with friends. During night, Serebii lol.
  8. Atomic_kitten

    Atomic_kitten i don't MEOW i ROAR

    When i'm bored i either grab a good book and begin to read it or play black -ops on my x-box.
  9. Drdj11

    Drdj11 Eins,Zwei,Drei

    I go to sleep or on the internet or outside or eating that's it
  10. asterat

    asterat Banned

    Night- serebii
    Morning- eat
    Afternoon- swim
  11. Remorph

    Remorph Alone With Everybody

    When I'm bored, I read posts about what people do when they are bored.
  12. Blackjack the Titan

    Blackjack the Titan Gay Yveltal

    I get hungry. But if I don't want to start mindlessly snacking, I drink water instead.
  13. workout
    krav maga
  14. Profesco

    Profesco gone gently

    Debate on a Pokemon forum.
  15. Zibdas

    Zibdas not bad

    Become unbored.
    Usually be lollygagging around on here, playing video games, smashing Probopass toys or lighting things on fire.
  16. HyenaHaze

    HyenaHaze Serial Experiment

    I debate on furry forums because you get some awesome things like this:

  17. TehGr81

    TehGr81 College graduate

    I usually browse the web while listening to music. Sometimes I walk around while playing music in my house or sometimes I'll sit down at my desk and read some fanfics. What I do when I'm bored pretty much depends on how I'm feeling at the moment.
  18. redlongmagnet

    redlongmagnet T3 Founder

    Open the fridge. Look inside. Close the fridge. Walk away. Ten minutes later. Same thing.
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2011
  19. mycooly

    mycooly Banned

    That and just scroll up and down the serebii forums home page
  20. Xyllerion

    Xyllerion I like bacon!

    -I fap.
    -Play games
    -Make annoying noises
    -If I'm bored on a trip I usually try and guess the measurements of the chicks we pass by
    -Space out
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