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What do you like about this anime

Xenon Blue

No Hard Feelings
Since we have been roasting this anime for a while now, let's instead talk about the positives of this anime in general.


Whoo, a nice change after all the unfortunate negativity of the previous threads.

What I like about the anime:

- The battles : This is the primary reason and enjoyment I get from the franchise. Seeing Ash's unconventional tactics, and the strength and development of various Pokemon is very enjoyable. I guess despite us knowing that Ash will always lose a league, we still look forward to the Leagues since that's where the most climatic and anticipated battles happen.

- The adventure : Ash travelling with new friends who have different personalities and goals every region is also something very fun. I know travelling means there's a higher risk of CoTD an TRio, but in the end, the adventure and traveling is what makes Pokémon, and is something I really miss currently.

- Seeing my favourite Pokémon : I love seeing various Pokémon, and how they're portrayed in the anime. The anime has been key in shaping some of my favourite Pokémon, like Greninja and Charizard.

- The Villain arcs : Yeah, more often than not, the Villain arcs don't do justice to the games, but I still like watching them and seeing their evil schemes on screen. And Team Galactic and Team Flare were very good villains arcs, and I enjoyed them.

- New Openings : This is a bit odd, but I love watching and hearing the different openings for every new season.

- It's my childhood : I'm sure this is for everyone here as well, but Pokémon is something that I've been watching as a kid, and despite this show's ups and downs, I've never been able to leave it.


Pikachu Fan
i like the companion ( they have variety of personality )
i like ash itself ( despite he stay static and forgotten all his development i still love his personality and its charming )
i like the battle ( without battle pokemon anime suck tbh, even tho SM enjoyable i kinda dislike there lack of battling happening specially for ash's friends)


- It can be very fun sometimes. I know Pokemon anime doesn't fall among the "elite" anime with superb storytelling and development like Steins;Gate or Fullmetal Alchemist, but it's still a show and a franchise I've been a fan of since childhood. For some reason it had the strongest impression on me from all the others shows and I've been watching it to this day.

- The one thing I really appreciate about this anime is that it doesn't always strictly follows the games or the region itself. They have the game content but then become very creative with it sometimes and introduce anime-original content that makes it all much more interesting and unique.


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Oh look, a nice change of pace :D. What do I like mmmm :-
1. I like Ash and I don't think that will ever change, even if he loses, I enjoy the way he views the world and everyone in it. I love his taste for adventure as well and his bond with Pikachu is awesome.
2. While I wish certain characters stayed permanently (Brock and then Serena), it's pretty refreshing to see other new ones as companions once they add a new dynamic each time although I may not always fully like it.
3. Battles have grown throughout the regions and have looked amazing as time passed.
4. The leagues are pretty good albeit the results piss me off mostly.
5. The serious arcs with the main villains mostly tend to be ranging between okay to awesome so that's nice.
6. I like that they try to switch things up at times even if it doesn't always translate well to some but there are millions of fans so it would always be hard to please all.

There may be more but this will do.


Rooting for best girl May!! X3
Practically everything and most importantly, I enjoy it a lot for what it brings and I feel that it's gotten a lot better by progressing than it's nostalgic old days of the OS. I can't really be as specific as some of you but this anime is a lot of fun to watch and grow up with. Even though the basic formula such as Ash blasting through Gyms and competing in the League while traveling with previously Brock and another girl is mainly the same and even there being recycled fillers and gags but it has always been changing up and putting their own twist on its game counterpart. I love that Ash and Pikachu are here to stay instead of following the path of many other franchises by recasting the whole group of protagonists all over again. Pokémon is unique in barely having breaks (something I think it will benefit from to help map out everything but they still execute most of their ideas and stories really well.) I love the journey, the characters, Pokémon, adventures, battles, and many things yet to unfold, I prefer the lighthearted tone but when the intensity of the situation picks up, you know you're in for an exciting treat!


gen 9 lover
Something I really really appriciate about the pokemon anime are the battles.

Because in other popular Shonen anime they're taking multiple episodes for just one match up, while battles in the Pokemon anime, which take more than one episode, are mostly 6vs6 battles and because of that there are many match ups in one battle. That makes the moves and choreography of a battle less repetive.


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1) Ash himself, reason why I've stayed tuned into the series for so long since Kanto due to him, depending on the writing for his character In a series I enjoy it. I like it when he's bad *** the best, I love it when he does different challenges to get better with his skills to for the league and gyms, like contests or Pokemon races or those flying contests for Pokemon flyers.

2) Pairings in this series if done right can be fun to watch, my favorites being Ash X Dawn or Ash X Serena.

3) Ash traveling meeting new rivals and friends, if rivals are done great like in my opinion Paul or Barry can make the show more enjoyable.


Silver Soul
* Always part of my childhood/adolescence.
* Battles (Gym battles, rival battles, league conferences, etc)
* All the different Pokemon
* Fun outlet

I believe I completely agree with you here but what do you mean by "Fun Outlet"?


Silver Soul
Think fun outlet just refers to what the anime is to him personally. Something fun to watch.

Ah okay fair enough. I guess that's probably the case for most of us :).


Kanto is love. Kanto is life.
-TRio becoming more competent from BW-present, Ash being good battler.
-how Pokemon designs look in anime, with what companions will Ash travel with
-when good plot/pacing shows up


Lover of underrated characters
Seeing Ash battle Gyms *cough*, Rivals, and in Leagues/Tournaments
Seeing Ash's Pokemon arsenal grow and change.... but not shrink. He owns most of the interesting Pokemon ever on the cast.
Ash traveling around regions.... and not just one island.
Villain arcs OS-DP


Kaleido Star FOREVER in my heart <3
Seeing Ash battle Gyms *cough*, Rivals, and in Leagues/Tournaments
Seeing Ash's Pokemon arsenal grow and change.... but not shrink. He owns most of the interesting Pokemon ever on the cast.
Ash traveling around regions.... and not just one island.
Villain arcs OS-DP

I love seeing new companions every new generation . I LOVE the concept of a new region with new characters/Pokemon/ coltures every 3-4 years. Its amazing..


Well-Known Member
What do I like about this anime?

► Ash & his companions.

►Exploring different regions, & new characters.

►Gym Battles, Rival battles, league battles.

►When the show wants to get serious it can get serious, & sometimes can be rather dark.


Well-Known Member
The effects of the attacks

Some of the characters

The music

The battles

Some of the rivals

The Pokemon

The contests

Ash in the older episodes

Ash exploring new regions

Some of the plots



Artistic Flair
- The battles

- Some of the villian teams notably those that got the short end of the stick in the games

- Some of the Cotds can be memorable

- Pokemon contests

Pokegirl Fan~

"She can violate my rights"-Brock
Mays rivals Harley and Drew
The entire Battle Frontier series
Dawn's character and all the screen time she got because of her co-star status. Could be same for Lillie as well.
BW and SM having less Team Rocket.
Ash being 10 years old for eternity.